Ground Grid Bumper Car

Type Capacity Size Working Time Material Customized Service
Electric 2-seat 1.9*1.1*0.9m Unlimited FRP+Steel Acceptable

Electric Ground-net Bumper Car for Park Mall
Hot-selling Electric Bumper Car for Sale for People of All Ages

No rules. No limit. Just collide and have fun! This is the charm of bumper car. This exciting amusement ride has been popular with the pubic since its appearance to the market. As a classic amusement ride, people of all ages can enjoy the collision between cars. Ground grid bumper car is an upgrade version of a sky-grid bumper car. There is no need for an electric ceiling, but a special flooring. As long as installing a special electrical floor, cars can move freely on the ground.

How Do Bumper Cars Work?

Do you know how electric bumper cars move freely on the floor? Here is the working principle of a ground net dodgem for your reference.

The electric bumper car must run on a special flooring. The flooring is made of steel plates and insulation strips. Between the special flooring and the installation site, there is a layer of anti-corrosion wood. As for the electrical flooring, it is composed of national standard steel plates, insulation strips and anti-crash beam. And one insulation strip is between adjacent steel plates. Furthermore, the polarity of adjacent steel plates is opposite. When the power is on, conductive wheels at the bottom of the electric bumper cars for sale are in contact with the positive and negative electrodes on the floor. Hence, cars can move freely on the ground. By the way, the special flooring has a safety voltage of 48v. So rest assured that players can enjoy themselves driving a dodgem car!

How Much Does Electric Floor-grid Dodgem Cost?

As a professional bumper car manufacturer, we understand the needs and concerns of investors embarking on an electric grid bumper car business. To make your investment as straightforward and efficient as possible, we offer the following services and pricing guide.

Individual bumper car cost

The cost of an electric grid bumper car approximately ranges from $1,000 to $1,300. The exact price depending on the model, features, materials, and customization options you choose. And it is worth mentioning that all of our dodgems are designed with durability and safety as the primary considerations, constructed from high-quality materials to ensure long-term use.

Floor & control cabinet cost

As the heart of the bumper car system, our specialized flooring and electrical control cabinets utilize advanced technology and quality materials to ensure performance and safety. The cost for the entire system will depend on the size of your space and requirements. In addition, we can provide a detailed budget and design proposal.

Electrical Floor of Ground-grid Bumper Car

Discount policy

If you plan to make large-scale purchases, we are willing to offer competitive discounts to ensure you get the highest quality bumper cars for sale and services within your budget.

For the most accurate quotation and more detailed service information, please contact us directly. Our sales team will provide you with a personalized quote and professional consultations based on your specific requirements. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you and supporting the success of your bumper car business.

What Services Do We Offer If You Buy Floor-grid Bumper Cars from Dinis?

Is It Easy to Drive a Ground Electric Bumper Car?

Our company’s ground grid bumper car is a type of electric bumper cars for adults. It is capable of carrying two adults. So, families, friends, or lovers can drive a dodgem together. Besides, the operation of the car is easy, and even children can master the right way of driving a bumper car quickly. Therefore, if you invest in ground-net dodgem rides for sale, different age groups will patronize your bumper car business.

How to Drive Ground Grip Bumper Car?

For both bumper car business operators and players, knowing the method of driving bumper cars is necessary. Here is a simple guide of how to drive a ground grid bumper car.

  • Sit in the bumper car.
  • Fasten your seat belt for safety. For this adult-size double seat ground grid bumper car, there are two seats belts simultaneously.
  • Place your hands on the steering wheel.
  • Wait for the operator to switch on the power to the electric dodgems.
  • Push the accelerator pedal to move forward.
  • Steer the car by turning the wheel left or right.
  • To slow down or stop, release the accelerator pedal.
  • To reverse, look behind you and push the pedal while keeping turning the wheel in one direction.
  • Drive around and gently bump into other cars.
  • When the ride is over, bring your car to a stop in the designated area.
  • Wait for the operator to turn off the power.
  • Unbuckle your seat belt and exit the car.

Video of Ground-net Bumper Car