Antique Train Ride

Capacity Carriage Power Turning Radius Warranty Customized Service
16-20 People Coal Bucket+Cabins Battery 3m 1 Year Acceptable

Electric Antique Train Rides for Mall
Customized Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale Shipped to Indonesia

Antique train ride is a popular train ride design. Not only investors, but also visitors love it. It is a type of electric trackless train ride and is suitable for shopping malls, residential quarters, parks, carnivals, squares, backyards, scenic spots, fairs, hotels, amusement parks, family entertainment center, and other indoor or outdoor places. Additionally, our company also produce vintage train rides with track. You can choose a type according to your actual needs. Here are the details on the vintage ride on train for your reference.

Features of antique train rides

  • The color scheme of this antique ride on train is black, golden and red, which is elegant and vintage. And the cabin is usually red and black. But we also have cabins in other colors for customers. Additionally, if needed, we can customize the train color for free based on your requirements. Also if you want a unique train ride, we can add logo to the train for free.
  • In general, the vintage train contains a locomotive, a coal bucket cabin and three normal cabins. But our cabins are designed for free combination. We can change the coal bucket cabin to a normal cabin, vice versa. So feel free to let us know your needs.
  • We use a spring structure to lock the connection of adjacent cabins, which is simple but firm. Therefore, you can increase or reduce the cabin according to the venue and foot traffic.
  • Our vintage amusement park trains for sale also known as vintage steam train rides. There is a chimney on the top of the antique train ride, from which non-polluting smoke comes out. As the train is in operation, it looks like a real-life steam train. And passengers can feel as if they are enjoying a train tour.

In short, passengers of all ages can ride the vintage train ride and the train is suitable for any indoor and outdoor places. Such a cost-effective amusement attraction, don’t you want one?

Video of Antique Train Ride