12 Arms Self Control Plane

Capacity Area Size Rotary Diameter Running Height Swing Speed Customized Service
24 Persons Ø17m 13.8m 5.38m 5r/min Acceptable

12 arms self control plane is a family-friendly amusement park ride. The passenger gondolas, each of which can carry two people, are in a shape of a plane. The gondolas are attached to the center bracket by rotating arms. And the center bracket looks like a rocket. As a result, the vivid designs attract visitors especially children.

Furthermore, the self-control plane is really different from other amusement attractions. For other mechanical rides such as a large Frisbee ride, a flying saucer ride, etc., the movement depends on the equipment. While for a self control helicopter ride, passengers can control their gondolas to do up and down movement. This is a major reason why a helicopter amusement ride is so popular with the public.

How do riders control a self control plane?

A self-control plane do a combined movement of lifting and rotating. As the aeroplane ride is in operation, the center bracket rotates, simultaneously driving the rotating arms and gondolas rotate horizontally. The most notable thing of the equipment is the lifting movement. There are two buttons on a gondola. Passengers can control the up and down movement of their own gondola by pressing the buttons. It seems that the rider is driving a plane in the air. As a result, this interactive machine gives visitors a memorable experience.

By the way, the control method of an amusement park airplane ride is different from that of a family-friendly samba tower thrill ride. For a samba tower, passengers can control the rotation of their gondola by a round handrail. But they can not control their lifting and lowering movement.

Customizable amusement park airplane ride

For this 12 arms self control plane, it has 12 cabins and can carry 24 people in total. So this jet amusement ride is suitable for places with a heavy foot traffic. Accordingly, it occupies a large area. If you wish for a smaller one, we also have self-control helicopter amusement rides with 6/8/10 arms. Additionally, customized service is available at our company. Whether you want to change the color scheme or capacity, or add logo to the plane, we can meet your needs. Feel free to contact us and let us know your requirements.