Sightseeing Train Track Ride

Capacity Material Customzied Service Applicable Place Power Target User
16-96 People FRP+Steel Accepted Indoor & Outdoor Battery/Diesel/Electricity All People

As an amusement park train manufacturer, we do not only produce hot-selling trackless train rides, but also produce durable sightseeing train track ride. Here are details on our railroad train rides in aspects of the capacity, design, and drive mode for your reference.

Different sizes of train track ride

To meet different customers’ s needs, we design and produce railroad rides with various passenger capacities. In general, our train ride on track is capable of carrying 16-96 people. So in other word, three sizes of track train rides are available at our factory, including a small-size rail ride, a medium-size railroad for sale and a large ride on train for adults. Which one is suitable for your business? Contact us and tell us your actual situation so we can give you professional advice. By the way, we accept customized service. So if you have any request for a train, feel free to contact us.

Classic & cartoon ride on trains with track

Actually, our train ride for sale is attractive for both children and adults. Additionally, people of all ages can ride on a train amusement attraction and have a memorable experience. So it’s best to prepare a train with beautiful design for your business, which is helpful for your business’ foot traffic. Generally, our sightseeing train track ride has both classic and cartoon designs.

  • For a classic train ride, you can also call it vintage train ride. Because its locomotive is modeled after the real-life train. Besides, we equip our train with a chimney to create a simulated smoke effect. So, passengers can feel as if they are taking a real train ride.
  • As for a cartoon amusement track train ride, it is popular with tourists, especially children. Some typical cartoon train designs are ride on train, high-speed rail train ride, elephant ride on train for kids, and Christmas railways.

Additionally, we can customize the train design, track length, etc., according to your request and actual situation. Three months ago, we clinched a deal with a customer who want an pink ant train. And both our customer and tourists were happy with our product. Do you also want a unique ride on train and track? Contact us!

Electric train tracks for sale & diesel amusement track train ride

We have electric train ride and diesel train track ride. Both of them have their own features. Therefore, you can choose an appropriate train track ride based on your request.

For an electric ride on train, it can be powered by rechargeable batteries or electric rail.

  • By and large, a cartoon rail ride, such as an ocean kiddie train ride, Thomas the tank railway, etc., runs on electric track. The electricity is powered by a control box. So this kind of amusement track train ride for sale occupy a small area. It means it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor public places, such as shopping malls, carnivals, etc. Furthermore, the track comes in several designs including 8-shape, oval, B-shape, round shape and so on.
  • And for other classic track train rides, they are powered by lithium batteries, which means environmentally friendly. In addition, different sizes of train rides use different pieces of batteries. But if you have requirement, we can also meet your needs.

As for our diesel tourist train for sale, it can run around 6-8 hours if the train is full of diesel. And if there is enough diesel, the train can run without stop. So it’s a good choice for large areas such as scenic spots, mountains, farms, and so on.

Video of Customized Blue Train Track Ride