Pink Carousel

Capacity Voltage Power Material Cabin Customzied Service
16People 380V 4KW FRP+Steel Swan/deer/cow, etc Acceptable

Pink carousel is a new design type of animal carousel ride in our company. Also, a zoo merry go round carousel and a sea carrousel are animal carousels. Literally, pink is the color tone of a pink merry go round. In terms of the seat design of a pink animal carousel amusement attraction, cartoon animals, such as cows, donkeys, insects, squirrels, and deer, replace traditional and classic European horses. Besides, beautiful swans replace the antique carriages. As a result, thanks to the sweet color and adorable carousel animals, pink animal roundabout mechanical ride has become most girls’ favorite. Here are brief production process and installation help of a carrousel for your reference.

Brief production process of a merry go round

The production process of a merry go round ride generally contains nine steps. It includes the deign of product, making FRP model, polishing the mold, painting passenger seats, welding steel, and installing floors, motor, carousel animals, and decorations.

How to install a pink animal carousel ride?

A pink carousel animal for sale is a medium sized mechanical ride. Perhaps are you worried about the installation of the machine? To be honest, it’s easy to install a carousel in a short time.

  • On the one hand, we will send you the detailed installation instruction and installation videos to help you with the installation of a merry go round. If you encounter any problem during the installation, contact us and our professional team will solve your problem in time.
  • On the other hand, if needed, we can send an engineer to your location to help you with the installation. But there is a need to pay for extra fee.

In general, our clients can perfectly install the carrousel according to the comprehensive files we send them. So, rest assured that it’s easy to install a merry go round ride. All you need do is to assemble the parts together. Want to know more about the pink merry go round? Feel free to contact us!

Video of Pink Carousel for Kiddies