Samba Tower

Capacity Cabins Material Power Height Age Group
24-32 People 6-8 pcs FRP+Steel 20 KW 10.8 m Over 3 years old

Samba tower is a type of tower ride, which also includes a free fall ride, a swing tower ride, and a frog hopper carnival ride. Compared with other amusement park thrill rides, a samba tower thrill ride is family-friendly. Because the height of this balloon ride is not high and the speed of the equipment is not fast. So parents are comfortable letting their kids to ride the amusement attraction.

Attractive design of the gondolas

Actually, a samba tower ride is a new version based on a samba balloon ride. Both of the two types of family rides have colorful balloon cockpits. Thanks to the beautiful gondolas, people of all ages, especially children will come to enjoy the facility. Furthermore, a cockpit is capable of carrying four people. So parents can accompany their kids to enjoy the moment.

In addition, a samba tower can provide passengers an overhead view of the surrounding scenery. That’s because the passenger gondolas are attached around a central axis. And they can go up and down and rotate clockwise and anticlockwise at the same time. At night, a samba tower must be the special attraction in the venue. Because not only the central tower column, but also the gondolas are equipped with plenty of colorful and bright LED lights. At night, the lights flashes. It must be a gorgeous scenery.

Special feature of samba tower

Samba tower has one thing in common with a self-control airplane ride. It is that passengers can control the movement of the cockpit they sitting in. But the control methods are different. As for a samba amusement equipment, there is a circular handrail in the center of the cockpit. Passengers can control their balloon’s spinning by rotate the handrail.

To sum up, the beautiful hot-air shaped gondolas and the special feature of a samba ride make it a popular attraction among the public. If you are about to start an amusement business in park, zoo, farm, resort, hotel, plaza, etc., samba towers can be a good choice. Feel free to contact ARM manufacturer at any time!