Giraffe Chair Swing Ride

Capacity Area Size Voltage Power Customized service Warranty
12/16People 6mL*6mW*4.5mH 380V 3KW Acceptable 12Months

Indoor Outdoor 12 Seats Giraffe Chair Swing Ride for Children
Adorable Flower Decoration and FRP Mould Cartoon Giraffe Flying Chair Ride

Giraffe chair swing ride and fruit amusement park swing ride are two popular kiddie rides for sale. Both of them are a small version of a giant swing ride, and are fit for indoor and outdoor entertainment centers. Although the two types of kiddie rides have a big difference in the design, both are our company’s hot-selling products. Here are details on Dinis giraffe flying chair ride for your reference.

What Makes Giraffe Swing Amusement Ride Stand Out among So Many Types of Carnival Swing Rides?

As a swing ride manufacturer, we design various designs of flying chair rides for sale, including a lotus carnival swing ride, tree chair swing ride, watermelon spinning swing carnival ride, and so on. Among so many beautiful spinning swings, what makes a giraffe chair swing ride stand out? Generally, the cartoon design, colorful color scheme, good quality, bright lights, and easy transfer all play a role in this mechanical ride’s popularity.

A giraffe fun fair swing ride has a unique design. There are eight adorable giraffes facing toward tourists. And each of them is equipped with a passenger cabin. As for the cabin, there are two types. One is a two-personal cockpit with a winged star on the backrest. Another is a round shape one-person cockpit. Furthermore, there are additional cute decorations like flowers, stars, and monkeys on the carrousel swing ride. Due to those various adorable decorations, the giraffe fairground ride swing carousel is attractive to children.

For this kiddie flying swing ride, it has a beautiful color scheme. We painted the giraffes in four colors, orange, blue, pink, and green by using professional automobile paint. It makes this swing attraction colorful and full of vigor. In addition, we offer customized services. So if you have an idea of another color scheme, feel free to tell us at any time. We can realize the idea for free.

The biggest difference between a giraffe chair swing ride and other carousel swings is that the frame of a giraffe swing is made of FRP. Not only the cabins, but also the giraffes and other decorations are made of FRP.

To protect passengers’ safety, we equip the giraffe swing amusement ride with several safety measures. Each cabin has a safety belt. Besides, we use steel wire rope and galvanized chain to ensure that the cabin can be connect to the giraffe head firmly.

Do you want a night swing carousel? Choose Dinis giraffe flying chair ride! Led lights distribute in the decorations and the chasis. When night comes, the lights flicker. And the giraffe ride will be certainly the anchor attraction of your park!

Unlike a 36-seat huge swing ride that needs foundation, a giraffe kiddie swing ride does not require a foundation. It already has a dismountable green platform. So it’s easy to transfer the equipment from one place to another. If you prepare a carnival, this carnival swing ride for sale is a good choice.

What’s the Price of a Giraffe Kiddie Swinger?

Our giraffe carousel swing playground rides have 12 and 16 seats. The price range of the product is $7,000-$9,500 for reference only. That’s because the final price depends on many factors. Besides, we offer discounts in the two months. Don’t miss it! Additionally, if you need a large size or smaller size giraffe carousel swing, we can also give you a custom-built product. Feel free to contact us to get the latest free quote!