Electric Golf Buggy for Sale

Type Capacity Speed Maximum Gradeability Endurance Mileage Customzied Service
Battery 2/4/6/8 24km/h 20% 80-100km Acceptable

Electric golf buggy for sale, also known as golf cart, club car, is a type of environmentally-friendly ferry bus, especially designed for golf course. It is also suitable for resorts, villas, gardens, hotels, scenic spots, schools, residential areas, and other places. With excellent performance, delicate interior decoration, and novel appearance, the electric golf buggy is attractive for visitors. Additionally, the soft seats can give passengers a safe and comfortable riding experience. Hence, you will not regret investing in such a cost-effective golf car. The following are details on the buggy for your reference.

Several Types of Golf Carts for Sale for Your Choice

Our company has designed several types and sizes of electric golf cart for your choice. In terms of the size, you can find a resort buggy with a capacity of 2/4/6/8 people. As for the buggy type, it is available to a cartoon design, a simple design and a luxurious design. You can choose a suitable electric buggy based on your budget and applicable venue.

2, 4, 6, 8 Seat Vehicle Electric Golf Carts for Sale

Unlike an electric carriage that is often seen in weddings, an electric golf kart is more common in daily life. From personal use in residential areas to operational tasks in resorts and golf courses, the versatility of golf buggy electric for sale cannot be overstated. To meet a diverse range of transportation needs, our battery golf cart collection includes models with 2, 4, 6, and 8 seats. (If you have custom requirements, tell us and we can help you.) Now let’s dive into the specifics of each configuration to help you find the perfect golf cart battery powered tailored to your requirements.

2-seater golf buggy for sale

Our 2-seat electric golf carts are 2.306mL*1.2mW*1.74mH, a compact version of electric cars. The small size makes a 2 person electric golf cart ideal for navigating narrow pathways in golf courses or making quick trips within a community. It is convenient and easy for use. Hence, this model is the best choice for individuals or couples who want a compact, efficient mode of transport.

Electric 4-seater golf cart for sale

Stepping up in capacity, our 4-seat electric golf buggy for sale is designed for small families or groups. It is fit for neighborhood, golf courses, resorts, hotels, etc. As for its seat, although each row of seat can accommodate two tourists, there are two styles for your selection.

  • One is that both rows of seats face forward, and we name it T24.
  • The other is that the two rows of seats are back-to-back, and we name it T22.

Due to the difference of seating style, the two models of 4-seater electric golf carts have different overall dimensions. T22 is much smaller than T24, which means the former has a smaller minimum turning radius than the latter.

Battery-operated golf cart 6-seater for sale

For larger families or group transport needs, our 6-seat electric golf carts provide the ideal solution. These models accommodate more passengers, making them perfect for community events, resort tours, or family outings. Similar to the golf buggy with 4 seats, our 6-seater one also comes in two types.

  • On the one hand, T242 model electric buggy has two rows of seats facing forward, and one row of seat facing backwards.
  • On the other hand, T26 model electric golf cart has three rows of seats facing forward.

Which one do you prefer? Whatever the model you choose, our 6-seat golf carts for sale offer a perfect balance between capacity and convenience, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Electric golf buggy with 8 seats

Our 8-seat electric golf buggy for sale (T262) is designed to cater to the needs of larger groups. Whether it's facilitating guest movements in large properties, accommodating bigger families, or organizing group tours, these carts deliver unmatched efficiency and comfort. Despite their larger size, these electric golf carts maintain impressive maneuverability and ease of use, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for all passengers. As for this capacity cart, it has three rows of seats facing forward and one row of seats facing backwards.

Regardless of your specific needs, our range of electric golf buggies for sale provides eco-friendly, efficient, and versatile transportation solutions. From the compact 2-seat models to the spacious 8-seat versions, we offer a vehicle to suit every requirement. Feel free to contact us to find your ideal model!

Features of Our Electric Golf Buggy for Sale

  • Our golf cart has power indicator and steering indicator. It seems like a real electrocar. So it’s easy to operate the car even for a new driver.
  • Our car adopts 12V 100AH brand maintenance-free battery, which has a long service life. Additionally, the buggy is equipped with an on-board automatic intelligent charger. So it’s convenient to monitor the car condition.
  • The frame of our battery powered golf buggy is galvanized steel, which has en excellent corrosion resistance.

Custom Golf Buggies for Sale

Do you want a custom golf buggy? We can meet your need. Our company is a professional golf cart manufacturer. So custom golf buggies for sale are available at our factory. We can change the color scheme of the car body, increase or decrease the seats, and add logo to the buggy. If you have special requirements, such as adding an air-conditioner, a cargo, or an umbrella stand, etc., we can also negotiate on your ideas with our engineers. Feel free to contact us at any time!