Single-side Mini Ferris Wheel

Area Size Height Voltage Power Capacity Volume
6*4m 6.5m 380V 5KW 10/12Passenger 20GP

The single-side mini Ferris wheel is a type of kids Ferris wheel. It’s a small version of a giant wheel for sale, specially designed for kids and adolescents. At our factory, you can find two capacities of a single face small Ferris wheel for sale. One is a 10-seat wheel ride with 5 fancy cabins, the other is a 12-seat small ride with 6 colorful cabins. Which one do you need? Your choice can depends on the foot traffic of your business and the budget for the project. So, feel free to contact us, we can give you professional advice.

As for the Ferris wheel gondolas, to attract more children, we also designed and produced many types based on children’s taste. Mini wheel rides in a clock-design, cartoon-design, classic-design, etc., all are popular with kiddies. In addition, the beautiful decorations of our single-sided kiddie Ferris wheel for sale and the color of the cabins and central column all are customizable. Warmly welcome to contact us and let us know your needs. We can design a unique mini Ferris wheel ride for you.

Wide usage of a single-side mini Ferris wheel

This backyard Ferris wheel for sale occupies a small area. So it has a wide usage. Whether you want backyard carnival rides for your kids, or want commercial rides for starting a business in a small town center, park, mall, playground, carnival, a mini giant wheel can be the optimal choice.

Furthermore, no base is required to install this kiddie ride. So it’s convenient to move the equipment from one place to another. And you won’t worry about the assembly. For easy delivery, our team will divide the Ferris wheel into several parts. The cabins, the control box, the chassis and the center brace are the main parts. After receiving the goods, assemble the parts together. It’s easy so don’t worry about it. We will send you all necessary documents including the manual instruction, installation video, and installation instructions to help you set the mini Ferris wheel up. Any problem you encounter with our products, feel free to contact us and we will solve them the soonest.