Ocean-themed Train Ride

Capacity Track Size Voltage Power Warranty Customzied Service
16 People Φ10m 220V 2KW 1 Year Acceptable

Ocean-themed Kiddie Train Ride for Mall
Trackless Cute Kiddie Ocean Style Amusement Train

Kiddie amusement rides train has a wide application. Unlike a large trackless sightseeing train, a kid’s ride on train occupies a relatively small footprint and has a small capacity. Therefore, it is suitable for any indoor & outdoor places, such as shopping malls, backyards, carnivals, farms, amusement parks, scenic sports, fairs, family entertainment centers, resorts, residential quarters, hotels, squares, etc. According to children’s taste, our company has designed and produced many types of kiddie train rides, including electric Christmas track train, ocean-themed train ride, elephant kiddie train, trackless crown train, antique amusement train, and so on. The following are the details on the ocean kiddie train ride for sale for your reference.

Description of sea electric train

It is an ocean-themed train amusement ride, so the basic color of the train is blue. Besides, the decorations of the train relate to marine life. Therefore, the ocean train attraction is a wonderful addition for an oceanarium. In terms of the appearance, an ocean electric train has a dolphin locomotive cabin and several normal ocean theme cabins. The dolphin mold is adorable and vivid. Besides, a mermaid sits on the back of the dolphin, which is a harmonious scenery. The cabins are equipped with colorful decorations such as swim rings, sea grasses, shells, etc. Furthermore, adorable cartoon marine lives FRP molds, such as fish, octopus, and sharks, lie on the top of the cabins.

With cute design and bright colors, ocean-themed train ride is attractive for the little ones.

Features of our ocean kids ride on train

  • We have two types of ocean train rides, a trackless one and a tracked one. For a train with track, a control cabinet control it. While for a trackless train, it is powered by rechargeable batteries. Which one do you want?
  • There are lots of colorful LED lights on the cabins. It looks pretty nice when they flash. And you can control the color by control cabinet.
  • We use high quality materials to produce products of quality. Exquisite craftsmanship, FRP molds and professional automobile paint make the train durable, anti-corrosive, colorfast and waterproof.
  • If needed, we can customize the color scheme, capacity, and decorations, and customize the track size and shape according to your demand and area.