Surf’s Up Ride

Area Size Height Track Width Skateboard Size Voltage Power Capacity
26*10m 3.4m 1.1m 7*2m 380V 19KW 20 Passenger

Surf’s up ride has a similar movement to a disk o ride. The passenger cockpit of the two types of thrill rides move along the track. But different from the moon-shape track of a disko ride, a surf’s up ride has a w-shape track. The track looks like the wave, which is very beautiful. Furthermore, the passenger gondola is designed as the shape of a skate board. As the machine is in operation, back-to-back passengers stand on the gondola, lean to skateboard-shaped backrests, and slides forth and back along the track. At the same time, the gondola rotates itself clockwise and anticlockwise. It makes riders feel as if they are surfing in the sea, which is an exciting and memorable experience for them.

Places to put a surf’s up ride

Due to the long track of a surf’s up ride for sale, it requires a rectangular area. Besides, the device height of this amusement facility is not as tall as a vertical swing tower ride. So any indoor and outdoor place is suitable for installing a surf’s up carnival attraction. Places such as amusement park, adventure park, beach, water park, carnival, playground, shopping mall, plaza, hotel, resort, scenic spot, farm, etc., all are suitable.

Custom amazing surf ride

A usual type of a surf’s up ride for sale can carry 20 people. But if needed, we can customize the passenger capacity according to your need. Also, other special requirements including changing the equipment color, adding logo to the machine, and the like are available at ARM company. So feel free to contact us and let us know your needs.

To sum up, standing in a colorful FRP skateboard-gondola, passengers feel as if they are surfing in the sea. More importantly, there is no doubt that the unique interactivity will make the surf’s up fair attraction be hit with kids and adults.