Tips to Manage Mechanical Bull Rides for Operators

Mechanical bull for sale is a popular amusement attraction. Visitors who desire to challenge new things cannot resist the charm of this adrenaline machine. Because of the popularity and low cost, a bull machine ride is worth the investment. If you want to earn money by inflatable bull ride, you had better get a clear knowledge of the components of an inflatable mechanical bull, tips for operating mechanical bull rides, and the routine maintenance on the blow up bull.

Components of Mechanical Bull Rides


Inflatable safety mattress

The mattress is necessary. After being inflated, it can ensure the safety of riders. Besides, the mattress is made of PVC, which is commonly used for producing inflatable castles. PVC is waterproof, anti-slip, and durable. Hence, the inflatable mattress of a mechanical bull for sale has a long service life. By the way, the cushion comes in different shapes at our factory, such as round, square, etc. Also, we can customize the cushion shape and color. If needed, feel free to let us know.

Machine rodeo bull

Our bull machine is FRP modelling, which is anti-corrosion and strong. Besides, to avoid the fake bull from hitting players, we equip a sensor on the back of the mechanical bull. If riders are not on the bull back, the automatic bull will stop quickly.

Quality FRP Bull Ride for Sale with a Long Service Life

Control cabinet

An inflatable bull ride is controlled by a control cabinet. Buttons on the cabinet control the spin and speed of the electric bull. Besides, they can set time and play music. Hence, players can ride a fake bull with active music. And certainly they will get a memorable experience.

Control Cabinet with Multi Functions of Mechanical Bull Rides

How to Better Operate Mechanical Bull Rides for Investors


  • Proper rider training: Before allowing players to ride the bull, make sure they know the instructions on how to ride a bull machine for sale and how to maintain balance while riding.
  • Appropriate safety gear: To better keep players safe, you can provide them with appropriate safety gear, including helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.
  • Supervised operation: A trained operator should be familiar with the operation of an electronic bull riding should be responsible for the machine. So the operator cannot stay away from the control box, and should quickly press the emergency stop button when there is a problem.


How to Maintain Mechanical Bull Rides for Sale?


To give riders a better experience and make the mechanical bull riding last longer, routine maintenance on a bull riding machine for sale is indispensable. Here are several tips for your refence.

  • Maintain a hygienic environment for riders.
  • There should be no hard objects on the inflatable cushion of the electric bull riding.
  • Before opening business every day, check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loose. Tighten them immediately if they are loose.
  • Additionally, it’s necessary to do a test run of the machine bull every day to make sure there is nothing abnormal.
  • Last but not least, check the rein daily and replace them if damaged.


Mechanical Structure and Motor of Inflatable Bull Ride

To sum up, if you want a brisk business, you should notice the components of the bucking bull ride, tips for operating mechanical bull rides and routine maintenance on the machine bull for sale. Want to know more on the bull riding machine? Feel free to contact ARM at any time!