Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Capacity Type Customized Service Voltage Material Applicable Place
10-24People Single/Double-side Acceptable 380V FRP+Steel Indoor&Outdoor

Kiddie Ferris wheel, also known as a small Ferris wheel, a mini Ferris wheel, or a backyard Ferris wheel. Literally, it is a much smaller and more compact version of a traditional big wheel amusement park ride, especially designed for young people and children. So a children’s Ferris wheel for sale occupies a smaller foot print and has a fewer cabins to carry a fewer people.

At our company, we also design and produce different types and passenger capacities of mini Ferris wheels for sale. Generally speaking, there are two categories of Ferris wheel kiddie ride. One is a single-side small Ferris wheel for sale, and the other is a double-side kiddie Ferris wheel for sale. In terms of the foot print and capacity, a double-side small scale Ferris wheel is larger than a single-side backyard Ferris wheel for sale. But each of them is available with various cabins designs, such as clock-design, classic-design, cartoon-design, etc. You can choose a favorite one according to the actual situation.

3 Reasons for the Necessity of Kiddie Wheel Ride for Sale

In present market, more and more investors buy a kids Ferris wheel for their business. Do you know why such a kiddie ride now plays an important role in amusement ride business? Here are three major reasons.

  • Firstly, a mini Ferris wheel ride costs much lower than a park huge Ferris wheel ride. In other words, the simple design and structure of this mini carnival ride also means the little maintenance cost and installation cost.

  • Secondly, a Ferris wheel small kiddie ride occupies a small foot print. So not only the usual outdoor places, but also some indoor places are suitable for this equipment. Parks, shopping malls, backyards, kindergartens, etc., all are good places to install a small wheel ride.

  • Thirdly, a kiddie Ferris wheel for sale is also a portable Ferris wheel. It features versatility. Because of its simple structure and small foot print, it is convenient and easy to assemble and transport. Therefore, a portable mini Ferris wheel for sale is a good choice for both permanent businesses that are open in amusement parks or resort attractions, and mobile businesses for carnivals, fairs, etc. Send inquiry to our company to get more info on our wheel rides.

Factory Price for Child Ferris Wheel–Buy Now at a 5% Discount!

In the vibrant world of amusement parks and family entertainment centers, the child Ferris wheel stands ou as a cornerstone attraction. If you are contemplating adding this classic ride to your offerings, you might wonder about kid size Ferris wheels and price for sale. Here are a regular pricing of Dinis children’s riding Ferris wheel and an exclusive promotional offer currently we offer.

Buy adorable mini Ferris wheel for kiddies from manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of mini Ferris wheel amusement equipment, we offer various designs and capacities of kids wheel rides. The factory price for a child Ferris wheel ranges between $9,500 and $28,000 (USD), providing a broad spectrum to accommodate various sizes and specifications tailored to your specific needs. However, the price alone doesn’t paint the full picture of this investment opportunity.

  • The above price range is only for a set of Ferris wheel for kids. But if you place more orders, we can give you a reasonable discount.
  • Additionally, for the next two months, a remarkable promotion is underway, offering not just competitive pricing but an unprecedented chance to secure these enchanting rides at a fraction of the cost.

How to get this discount offer?

It’s simple! Contact us now and let’s talk about the kiddie Ferris wheel for sale you want. If the conversation goes well and you pay a deposit of the product in the two months, then you can avail yourself of at least a 5% discount on the original price, with the potential to save even more. Note that the discount is available during the two months of our company’s promotional activity. This is a significant saving, reflecting a strong commitment to making quality amusement equipment accessible to a wider audience.

In conclusion, you won’t regret buying carnival rides from Dinis amusement ride manufacturer and supplier. Our mini wheel kids ride for sale is not just amusement equipment; it is a centerpiece attraction that brings joy and laughter to children and families alike. Make the smart choice for your amusement park, carnival, or family entertainment center today. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Give your guests an unforgettable ride on our enchanting childrens Ferris wheel. Contact us today to take advantage of this incredible offer!

Why Opt for Dinis Kiddie Ferris Wheel for Sale?

Choosing our company for your kiddie-size Ferris wheel purchase offers you several key benefits. Here are a few compelling reasons.

Our Ferris wheels are built to last, using top materials and the latest engineering for weather resistance and longevity.

Sleek, modern designs that enhance your venue’s appeal.

Tailor your Ferris wheel with various theming, color, and lighting options. Feel free to tell us your requirements for your child wheel amusement attraction.

We adhere to strict international safety standards, ensuring a safe ride for all. And kids can enjoy themselves in your park in a safe environment.

From installation to after-sales, we offer comprehensive support and services.

As mentioned above, we offer quality child Ferris wheels at factory prices, with flexible financing available. Also we offer attractive discounts.

Our wheel rides meet global standards, easing local approval processes.

A history of satisfied customers worldwide speaks to our commitment to excellence. Contact us to learn more.

With us, you get more than just a ride; you invest in quality, safety, and a fantastic customer experience.

Video of Kiddie Ferris Wheel Debugging in Dinis Factory