Customized Longines Carousel

Capacity Area Size Height Voltage Power Volume
30 People 10m*10m 8m 380V 8KW 40HQ

Customized Longines Carousel Ride
European Style Carriage and Horse of Merry Go Round Ride

During the purchase of amusement rides, you may have some custom requirements for the facility. In that case, you should find a professional, leading amusement park rides manufacturer who has the power to provide you with satisfactory customized services. Feel free to contact us! Our company is a leading amusement ride manufacturer. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years. In addition, we have established good long-term cooperation with many customers all over the world. And Longines is one of our partners. The customized Longines carousel is the final product we design and produce according to the requirements of Longines.

Longines requirements for a customized carousel

  • Adding logo. Longines want visitors and passengers to know the carousel is Longines carousel. So they want to add their logo to the conspicuous point of the carousel horse for sale. Our design apartment designed several plans according to the requirement. Finally, Longines chose the design of combining the clock and logo. Each piece of cornice of the customized Longines carousel is equipped with a real clock and Longines logo. Additionally, we add a logo to each saddle of a FRP horse seat.
  • Color scheme. Longines wants the color scheme of the machine to match with their brand. They don’t need a colorful carousel horse. So finally we decide a simple but comfortable color scheme, which includes white, black, and grey. This kind of color scheme makes the carousel merry go round look elegant. And people of all ages can appreciate the ride.
  • Antique horses. Longines is a famous brand with a long history. And they want a kind of vintage merry go round. So we choose European carousel horses and a open-style four-wheel carriage.

In addition to the above three requirements, Longines also put forward other detailed  requirements. And we tries our best to met their reasonable and feasible needs. As a result, Longines is satisfied with the unique carousel ride. And we have sold customized horse carousel ride to many countries, such as Sweden, America, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Hungary, Brazil, etc. Want to know more about the Longines merry go round? Welcome to contact us. We also provide customers a wide selection of carrousel styles, such as swan pink carousel, animal merry go round for zoo, etc. Contact us to get a free catalog!