Amusement Park Business Plan

The difference between big and small amusement parks can be significant. It involves several aspects such as scale, investment size, variety of attractions, visitor capacity, and range of services provided. What’s your plan? A large amusement park or a small amusement park? If you have no ides, read on. The following guides can help you make a decision.

To See the Difference between Big and Small Amusement Parks From the Scale of the Park

To Distinguish Theme Parks from the Scope of Park Services

Have you ever been to Disneyland? If so, you know that large theme parks like Disneyland typically offer comprehensive services, including diverse dining options, retail shops, hotel accommodations, entertainment shows, and more.

However, small amusement parks often offer limited services, potentially including basic food and rest facilities.

Large amusement parks: They usually have international recognition, attracting both domestic and foreign visitors and suitable for all age groups.

Small amusement parks: They mainly serve the local market or residents of nearby areas, especially children and families.

Big Amusement Parks Differ from Small Amusement Parks in Operation Patterns

Operations and Management

  • Big amusement parks require complex operational management systems, with a large workforce, safety protocols, marketing strategies, and customer service.
  • In contrast, small parks have relatively simple operations and management. They require a fewer staff and a lighter burden of maintenance

Marketing and Brand Influence

  • Big theme park often has strong brand influence and marketing capabilities. It is able to attract widespread media attention and marketing campaigns.
  • While as for small amusement parks, brand recognition and marketing resources might be limited. They rely more on word-of-mouth and local community support.

To sum up, each type of park has its unique advantages and market positioning, providing different entertainment experiences. Whatever your decision is, you should take into the visitor experience, safety, and needs into account before starting an amusement park business. From now, taking up you amusement park business plan! You can contact us, we give you the quality amusement rides for sale, park design, and best services.