Christmas Train Ride

Capacity Voltage Power Track Size Music Customzied Service
16 Seats 220V 2KW 14*6m USB port/CD card Acceptable

Christmas is a traditional festival in western countries, which is of great significance for people. People of different countries celebrate this festival in different ways. On that day, the streets will be brightly lit and the trees will be decorated as Christmas trees. Under such active and happy atmosphere, how could there not be a Christmas train ride? This kind of amusement train can attract people of all ages because no one can resist the charm of Santa Claus. Besides, the electric Christmas train is suitable for any indoor & outdoor places, such as shopping malls, amusement parks, backyards, farms, carnivals, family entertainment centers, daycare centers, etc. There is no doubt that a Christmas amusement train ride can further heat up the happy atmosphere. The following are two types of small Christmas trains of ARM company for your reference.

Christmas train with reindeer

Dinis Electric Christmas Train for Children Suitable for Backyard and Park

This electric Christmas train contains a locomotive and four cabins. On the one hand, the locomotive looks like Santa Claus driving his reindeer. And there is space for a people to sit on the legs of the Santa Claus. On the other hand, the open-style cabins look like coal buckets, each of which can carry four people. Additionally, all of our cabins and decorations of the loco are FRP models. And we spray the FRP molds with professional automobile paint. So our train ride is durable and colorfast.

Mall Christmas train with chimney

It is a family-friendly electric Christmas train. It contains a locomotive cabin and four normal cabins. All cabins have a ceiling to keep passengers out of sunlight and rain. The locomotive is in the design of Santa Claus with red hat. Besides, there is a FRP chimney on the locomotive. But it’s noted that the chimney is simply a decoration and can not release non-polluting smoke like a sightseeing rail train. As for the cabin, there are adorable and colorful decorations on its ceiling, such as gifts, hats, snowmen. In addition, we decorate the four sides of the cabin with decorations like candy cane, Christmas trees and gift boxes. These vivid and colorful decorations make this Christmas train ride more eye-catching.

In addition to the two types of Christmas train attarction, other train rides, such as ride on train, antique amusement park train, etc., also can be used for Christamas. Contact us and get a free catalog and quote!

Video of Kiddie Christmas Train with Track