Worm Roller Coaster

Area Size Track Height Voltage Power Capacity Volume
24*12m 2.5m 380V 5KW 18 Passenger 40HQ

ARM worm roller coaster has been popular with the public since its debut. Judging from its overall shape, it looks like big cartoon caterpillar. So you can also call it caterpillar roller coaster or fruit worm roller coaster. The expression of opening mouth and big smile can hit the hearts of children. It entices them to get close and ride the coaster. Additionally, there is an apple-shaped tunnel in the middle of the undulating track. Children sitting in the caterpillar cockpit moves through the cute tunnel, as if they have come to a fairy tale world. The interesting and exciting experience makes visitors linger.

Amusement park thrill ride for kiddies

The wacky worm roller coaster is a family-friendly amusement park thrill ride. Unlike some of the extreme roller coasters that are suitable for older children and adults, such as mouse coaster ride, a worm coaster is a small-scale version coaster. And passengers can experience a series of twists, turns, and drops that are sure to get their adrenaline pumping. So, it is an ideal ride for children who are as young as three years old and are not yet tall enough or brave enough to ride a bigger coaster. Furthermore, although a wacky worm roller coaster for sale is for the little ones. Adults can also enjoy the ride. Hence, kids can ride a coaster together with their parents.

Exquisite craftsmanship and quality material

In terms of the production process, we use national standard steel to produce the track of a roller coaster caterpillar. As you know, the track is the support frame of the equipment. So the steel we use is strong and stable. Additionally, its caterpillar cockpit is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. As for the painting process, the caterpillar cockpit is sprayed with professional automobile paint, and is baked in a constant-temperature dust-free paint room. This process make the paint durable and not easy to fade.

High popularity around the world

Finally, the worm coaster is a classic amusement park ride that has been around for decades. This ride has stood the test of time and remained a popular attraction at many parks around the world. By introducing this ride to your park, you won’t worry about the foot traffic of your park because this thrill attraction is attractive for park-goers.

Video of worm coaster for sale