Mini Pendulum Ride

Capacity Area Size Height Voltage Material Customized Service
5-7 People 6*5m 4.5m 380/220V FRP+Steel Acceptable

Mini pendulum ride, especially designed for children, is a small carnival ride. It is a compact version of a large Frisbee ride. With beautiful appearance and scientific structure, this mini amusement thrill ride is popular with children.

In terms of the main structure, a mini Frisbee ride for sale contains a main bracket, a hanging device, a pendulum, and an electrical system. Additionally, the main part of the pendulum ride adopts truss structure, which is firm and stable.

Furthermore, a mini extreme Frisbee ride has a small footprint. So it is the optimal choice for a small amusement park. By and large, mini pendulum rides are an ideal investment for park owners and other business people who are looking for budget-friendly and kid-friendly adrenaline amusement rides.

FAQ about a mini pendulum ride

Q: Can adults ride a mini swinging pendulum ride?

A: Certainly! The mini Frisbee ride is ideal for kids, but any people who weigh less than 75kg are suitable for this mechanical ride. So parents can accompany their kids to ride the gyro swing ride.

Q: Can you customize pendulum rides?

A: Yes! We are an amusement ride manufacturer and have a professional R&D team. We can customize the color schemes, lights, passenger capacity, and other aspects. For a mini hammer roller coaster, it is available to a capacity of 5/6/7 people. So if you need any sort of customization, feel free to let us know.

Q: Do you help me install the equipment?

A: We can send an engineer to your location to help with the installation if needed. But honestly speaking, it’s easy to install a mini pendulum fair ride by yourself. Because the kiddie ride has a small size and simple structure. What you receive will be the parts of the machine. All you need is to assemble these components together according to the installation manual and videos we send you. Additionally, any problem you encounter with our product, contact us at any time.