Ice Bumper Car

Capacity Size Battery Material Warranty Customized Service
1 Seat 1.8*1.8*1.1m 45AH*2PCS FRP+Steel+PVC 12 Months Acceptable

Ice Bumper Car for Both Adults and Children
Exciting Round Inflatable Bumper Car on Ice

The steel chassis of traditional electric bumper car for adults is surrounded by a ring of rubber. But an ice bumper car, a type of battery bumper car, is surrounded by a ring of inflatable PVC material. So, you can also call it an inflatable bumper car for sale. The bumper car on ice is in round shape and looks like a mysterious UFO. Therefore, people of different age groups will be curious about this amusement ride and want to drive it.

Additionally, compared to the usual type of battery bumper cars, ice bumper cars for sale have a different operation method. Players drive the car by joysticks, not a steering wheel. Hence, ice skating bumper cars have a smooth and easy operation. Drivers can control brick ice rink bumper cars to rotate 360 degrees in situ or move back and forth in a second.

Furthermore, thanks to the exterior inflatable ring, the impact of the collision decreases a lot. So players won’t worry about their safety and can better enjoy the game.

Moreover, the biggest difference between bumper cars on ice and other dodgems is that only a bumper car ice skating ride can run on ice. It is also the unique feature of this type of bumper car. So if you own an ice rink, why not putting some bumper carts on ice in your venue? These cars can add more fun to your business and attract more visitors to your ice rink.

Can ice bumper cars run on other surfaces?

The answer is certainly yes! The ice bumper car ride is also a kind of battery bumper car. Therefore, in addition to the ice floor, winter bumper cars can run on almost all kinds of smooth surfaces, such as concrete, pitch, marble, wood, etc.

Last but not least, where do you want to start a bumper car business? Shopping mall, parking lot, carnival, park, square, funfair, amusement park, scenic spot, ice rink, daycare center, residential quarters, and other public areas with a thick stream of people? If so, a family-friendly inflatable ice bumper car is the optimal choice. Contact us to get more info about it!