Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster

Area Size Track Height Track Length Running Speed Customized Service Capacity Carriage
38*28m 8m 180/210/280/320m 8.7m/s  Acceptable 2People/Carriage 4/5

Entertainment Park Mouse Roller Coaster
Entertainment Park Mouse Roller Coaster

Crazy mouse roller coaster is a type of rail amusement ride. You can also call it a wild mouse roller coaster or a mad mouse roller coaster. The entire up-and-down track, designed in an irregular circular shape, is supported by steel frames. Visitors, sitting in the mouse-shaped cockpits, are lifted to the top of the track by the tractor. Then they automatically slide down depending on the slope of the track, so as to complete different actions such as sliding, turning, rising, and diving. Due to the centrifugal force, passengers will get a thrilling feeling, which must be a memorable experience for them.

But compared with other adrenaline roller coasters in comprehensive amusement parks, a crazy mouse coaster ride is a small amusement park roller coaster that is family-friendly. It does not have big turns or many loops. So children who want to ride a roller coaster can choose the wild mouse coaster. In addition, a car is able to carry two people. So parents can accompany their kids to enjoy the attraction.

Components of wild mouse roller coaster

The major parts of a wild mouse roller coaster generally includes the main steel structure, track, cars, lifting system, braking system, electrical control cabinet, platform, and other mechanical components.

Do you need customized service?

As an expert amusement ride manufacturer, we can customize the wild mouse roller coaster for sale as your requirements. We can customize the length of the track according to your budget and park’s space. Besides, a crazy mouse roller coaster includes 5 cars. But if needed, we can increase or decrease the car quantity. And we can change the color scheme of cars and track to match with the theme of your park. So feel free to contact us at ant time and let us know your needs. We will do our best to satisfy you.

Video of Crazy Mouse Coaster Ride