Disc O Ride

Capacity Area Size Track Height Swing Angle Using Life Customzied Service
24 People 26.2*12m 9.2m 55° 12 Years Acceptable

Crescent Shaped Disk O Magic for Park-goers
Family-friendly Disc O Ride for Outdoor Carnival

Disc o ride is a family-friendly amusement park thrill ride of ARM company. It is popular with both the public and investors. As a large carnival ride, you should fix it on smooth and firm ground to ensure the stability of the equipment itself and keep passengers safe. So, if your business is opened in fixed locations, such as amusement parks, plazas, resorts, scenic spots, adventure parks, etc., don’t hesitate any more. A disk o magic is worth the investment. It will help your business attract people of different age groups.

Beautiful decorations & exciting experience

A disc o ride has the same movement with a surf’s up funfair ride. The passenger gondola slides along the track. But the two types of track amusement rides are different in the design. As for a disc ride, to draw visitors’ attention, the seats and the center decoration are in motorcycle shape. Furthermore, cabins and decorations are FRP models. And we spray professional automobile paint on these models. So our disk coaster has a long using life, around 12 years. It means the equipment can bring you a long-term income.

Besides, the seats are mounted on the edge of the big turntable. Passengers sit astride on the seats and get their backs to the centerpiece. As the turntable slides along the moon-shape track and rotates itself at the same time, passengers can feel as if they are galloping.

New design w-shape disc o ride

A usual type of flying saucer carnival ride has a passenger capacity of 24 people. Its track is crescent. In addition to this size of product, we also design a new design w-shape flying saucer ride. Its track is like a wave. So you can also call it camel-hump track. In addition, it has a bigger passenger capacity of 40 people. It means that the equipment occupies a large area. So a w-shape disco ride is suitable for outdoor places where there are enough spare space.

Disk’o Coaster Video