Trailer-mounted Mini Pirate Ship for Sale

Capacity Area Size Height Power Voltage Customized Service
8-12People 6*5M 3M 4KW 380V Acceptable

Trailer-mounted Kiddie Pirate Ship Ride for Mobile Business
Steel and Fiberglass Viking Ship Ride Hull

Do you want to start a mobile business? Are you looking for portable amusement rides? How about this trailer-mounted mini pirate ship for sale? Actually, this mobile amusement ride has the same power and capacity as a mini swing boat ride for park. The biggest difference between them is that a portable swinging ship ride is equipped on a trailer. It also means that the price of a trailer pirate boat ride is little more expensive than a usual one. But whether for home use, such as holding a family party, or for commercial use, such as carnivals, funfairs, a trailer-mounted kid pirate ship can be a good choice. And if you want to start a mobile business, it’s easy and convenient to transport the equipment from one place to another.

In addition to the feature of flexibility of portable amusement rides for sale, do you know how to make your viking ride attract more children? The key is to buy a quality rocking boat ride with attractive and vivid appearance. The target group of a mini pirate ship ride is families with kids. So if the equipment has a beautiful and appealing design, undoubtedly more and more children will visit your business.

Different designs of trailer-mounted mini pirate ship for sale

We, ARM company, have designed and produced many types of small trailer ship portable carnival rides for sale. An ice-themed viking ship ride and a jungle-themed swing boat ride are children’s favorite. Besides, a classic red rocking boat ride and a fashionable black pirate ship ride for sale are popular with families. Contact us for a free product catalog! Moreover, we provide you with professional customized service. So that you will get a unique ride. This attraction will definitely be a great draw for kiddies and young people. And in turn, the equipment will bring you considerable revenue.