Design of Indoor Amusment Play Area for Kids

Ambika from India sent us an inquiry in January this year. The inquiry is “I want to set up amusement play area for kids. I have 2000-sqft area at ground floor and 3500-sqft roof area”. Here are the details on a 2000-sqft amusement play area for kids in India for your reference.

Planning Phase of Indoor Amusement Play Area for Kids in India

After receiving the inquiry, we contacted Ambika in 12 hours and confirmed with him that he wanted to build a 2000-sqft (around 185 square meters) indoor children’s amusement park. Then we asked his budget on this project. And Ambika told us that the budget was uncertain. It depended on the designing scheme and included amusement equipment. In addition, Amika said this kid amusement park must have a soft play area. As for the spare space, he hoped we can give him a satisfactory layout and recommended some fun kiddie rides for sale.

Recommended Indoor Amusement Rides for Ambika’s 2000-sqft Entertainment Center for Children

Based on Ambika’s needs, we made a table for him that clearly showed what children rides for sale would be fit for this area. Here is our solution.

Kiddie indoor playground

Soft play area is a must-have at any indoor children’s amusement center. Is is fit for kids of different ages, especially those from 2 to 14 years old. If needed, we can make unique indoor playground designs according to age groups and site area. Considering Ambika’s situation, we recommended a 80-sqm(10mL*8mW) interactive indoor playground, which consists of several types of indoor play equipment, like ball pit, slides, tubes, swings, bridges, climbs, and so on.

80 Sqm Kiddie Indoor Playground

Small-size trampoline park

Small-size Trampoline Park in Amusement Play Area for Kids to India

In addition to kiddie indoor playground, trampoline parks are also popular with children. This kind of indoor amusement equipment helps kids improve their sense of physical balance and coordination. As for this indoor 2000-sqft amusement play area for kids in India, a 30-sqm (323 square feet) trampoline park for sale is a good choice. It is 6 meters long and 5 meters width, consisting of 6 pieces of free jump zone.

Various coin-operated arcade games

Incorporating arcade machines into an indoor play area is indeed a good choice for Ambika. He can strategically position these arcade games against at wall or put them in the corner. This way, Ambika can maximize the use of available space. At the same time, these coin-operated games diversify the amusement options within the play area. This not only enhances the variety of activities for children but also serves as a vibrant and interactive element that can captivate a larger crowd. And consequently, revenue from the children amusement park business certainly will increase.

In short, the careful integration of arcade games can boost both the entertainment value and the financial success of Ambika’s business. Furthermore, our company offers different types of arcade games for sale. Shoot coin-operated games, fighting arcade cabinet games, music coin-op kiddie rides, racing classic cabinet games, sports arcade machine for sale, etc., all are fit for indoor play area. Contact us to get a free product catalog.

Virtual reality arcade for sale

In addition to coin operated arcade machines for sale, virtual reality (VR) game machine is a kind of electric arcade game that is popular with children at present times. The advent of VR technology has revolutionized the gaming industry. And VR arcade machines represent a significant evolution in how users interact with digital environments. With VR technology, including headsets, controller, and sometimes full-body tracking systems, VR offers a unique form of entertainment that allows kids to step into different worlds and experiences that are otherwise impossible in real life.

Furthermore, VR arcade machines cater to a wide range of audiences, from children to adults. These virtual reality machines offer diverse gaming genres, including adventure, sports, puzzle, and educational games. Therefore, parents who accompany their kids to Ambika’s 2000-sqft amusement play area for kids in India can also enjoy themselves. For Ambika’s business, 2-3 sets of VR arcade games for sale are appropriate. By the way, our company offers VR machines in diverse sizes and designs. Customers can choose a suitable machine according to the local market, audience, space area, and budget.

Adorable animal rides

Animal rides are small in size and safe kiddie rides, which are worth investing in. They are commonly seen in shopping malls, squares, amusement parks, kid’s play areas, and similar locations. Children in India really love the toy. Besides, it is affordable so we suggested Ambika could bought several ride on animal toys in diverse animal designs, such as dog, rabbit, horse, elephant, dinosaur, lion, bear, cat, and so on.

Like battery bumping cars, ride on animals are also powered by rechargeable batteries. And if needed, we can convert the machine into a coin-operated one. Moreover, different from tradition carnival rides that have a smooth shell, these motorized animal scooters for sale are covered with soft, plush material that is comfortable to touch.

6-seat mini carousel horse ride

In addition to the above amusement equipment, we also recommended 6-seat kiddie carousel ride for sale to Ambika. This mechanical ride is a small-scale version of the classic carousel amusement ride. With a moderate motion, lower speed, and mini seats, a 6-people small carousel for sale is children’s favorite. In addition, compared to a 3 horse carousel kiddie ride for sale, a 6-seat one has a more luxury appearance and bigger capacity. Therefore, this safe ride for kids is a fun addition to Ambika’s indoor amusement center.

6 Seats Golden Mini Kiddie Carousel for 2000-sqft Amusement Play Area to India

How Is the Order Going Now?

We are still following up on this order. After we sent Ambika the design plan for his 2000-sqft amusement play area for kids in India, he looked satisfied with our scheme. But he said that he needed to communicate it with his partners. After determining the budget, he would confirm it with us. At that time, he hoped that we could give a certain discount or make subtle adjustments to the plan. Our company can certainly meet this demand. “Customer First” is our corporate tenet. In the meanwhile, we keep in touch with him and send him some product videos and successful transactions to India.

In conclusion, if you also plan to open an amusement park business indoors or outdoors, welcome to contact us. We can provide different design solutions according to your needs.