Glass Water Slide

Area Size Customized Service Material Age group
Based on your site Acceptable Steel+Laminated toughened glass 5-50 years old

The glass water slide consists of five major components: slide, support frame, water return system, boat conveyor, and the two platforms. It is a popular amusement project in scenic spots and mountains. What makes the equipment so fun? That’s because the glass water slide combines the advantages of glass slides and water slides. It uses water as a carrier, allowing tourists to drift down the winding mountain slide. At the same time, tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. Furthermore, the “S” and “C” shaped curves of the mountain waterslide increase tourists’ experience.

Are you interested in this epic water slide? Before investing in this large-scale scenic project, you may be concerned about its cost, tourists’ safety, and how to recycle water resources and rubber boats. The following are the details on the project for your reference.

Can you tell me the cost of a glass water slide project?

How do your mountain glass water slide ensure my tourists’ safety?

Our engineer will design the project based on your mountain or scenic area conditions. We also take the weight and speed of the rider during the slide into account. What’s more, we have sturdy support steel structures and frames to ensure the slides’ safety and stability.

The main body of China water slide is made of double/three-layer laminated toughened glass. This kind of glass has good wear resistance and long service life. In addition, the main structure of the glass and steel frames all adopts splicing technology. And each connection is tightly fixed in position. So we can fully guarantee the safety of our park amusement equipment.

  • Rubber boat with safety rope is the vehicle for drifting. Your tourists can maintain their balance and control the speed of the kayak by pulling on the rope.
  • Generally speaking, Chinese water slides have ensured the safety of tourists. But if needed, we can equip our glass water slide with safety railings.
  • Last but not least, in order to give your tourists’ the best experience, you need to arrange for personnel to regularly clean the dirt and debris on the slides.

How do I recycle rubber boats?

Don’t worry about this problem. As a scenic project manufacturer, we take your needs into full consideration. Our glass water slides have conveyors to recycle rubber boats. There are two types of conveyors for your selection, a wire type and a chain type. On the one hand, the wire conveyor has strong carrying capacity. On the other hand, the chain conveyor has lower cost, relatively simple installation and operation. Moreover, it is less destructive to vegetation. Which one do you prefer? Feel free to let us know.

Video of  Glass Water Slide in Scenic Spot Mountain Area