Top Spin Ride

Capacity Area Size Height Voltage Power Volume
20 People 10*10m 6m 380V 20KW 40HQ

Amusement Rides Manufacturer Top Spin Thrill Ride
Seats and Safety Measures of Top Spin Amusement Park Thrilling Ride

Top spin ride, also known as top flip ride, space travel ride, is a large amusement park thrilling ride. It is popular with young people, adults and thrill-seekers because of the thrilling, exciting feeling they obtain from the equipment. This kind of feeling entices people to enjoy the suspended top spin again. Therefore, if you invest in this thrill ride for sale, you won’t worry about the foot traffic of your park and benefits the machine brings you. Here are the details on the top spin carnival ride worth investing in.

What kind of movement do top spin rides do?

The gondola of a top spin attraction has two rows of back-to-back seats. Passengers sit in separate seats, each of which has dual safety devices. One is safety belt, another is mechanical over-the shoulder restraint. With these measures, passengers can safely enjoy the adrenalin ride. And then, what kind of movement makes this equipment thrilling?

Firstly, the swing arms drive the gondola to do a 360°rotation around a certain horizontal axis. At the same time, gondola itself will be free to move due to the gravity and inertia, which makes the auto-rotation irregular. So passengers can feel a constant sensation of vertigo and don’t know the next motion of the equipment. It makes them excited riding the top spin.

Who are we?

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