Trackless Train for Sale

Capacity Material Warranty Color Power Target User
16-70 People(Customized) FRP+steel 1 Year Customized Battery/Diesel All people

Trackless train ride, a type of sightseeing vehicle, is common to be seen at amusement parks, scenic spots, malls, farms, backyards, parks, squares, carnivals, theme parks, pastures, etc. It serves as ferrying passengers from one place to another. And people of all ages can experience this comfortable train ride. In addition, with attractive design and bright color, the train will certainly attract a huge number of tourists, which means a considerable income. Therefore, there is no doubt that a trackless train for sale is worth investing in.

Where can you buy trackless train ride?

Product quality and cost performance are two major factors that you may care about when buying a train amusement ride for sale. Sincerely speaking, you can trust ARM. As a professional trackless train manufacturer with more than twenty years of experience, we design and produce quality FRP trackless train rides with different capacities and designs. And our customers are from all over the world, including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia,Thailand, India, America, South Africa, Spain, etc. What’s more, we ensure that we give you the best trackless trains for sale at reasonable and attractive prices.

Trackless trains with different capacities and designs

Different types of trackless train rides have different passenger capacities. Our common trackless trains for sale, excluding a driver, can carry 16-70 passengers. By and large, the train falls into three sizes.

  • A small train ride is capable of carrying 16-20 people. This size of train is a type of trackless mall train. It is also suitable for park, kindergarten, residential quarters, etc. Children really like this kind of train for sale because of its cartoon design and bright color. Trackless trains for sale, such as antique electric trackless train, British-style trackless train ride, crown mall trackless train, ocean-style kiddie train, elephant trackless train, bear electric trackless train, etc., are available at our company.
  • A medium size tourist road train for park can carry 24-27 people. It is a type of electric trackless train, usually equipped with two cabins or three cabins.
  • And a large trackless road train for sale for scenic spot can carry 40-70 people. It can carry many people at a time. So if your scenic spot has a heavy foot traffic, the train can relieve the passenger flow pressure.

Additionally, we provide you with customized service. Color, design, logo, etc., all are customizable. So feel free to contact us at any time.

Video of Trackless Trains