Mini Pirate Ship Ride

Capacity Area Size Height Power Voltage Customized Service
8-12People 6*5M 3M 4KW 380V Acceptable

Mini Ship Amusement Ride for Small Areas
Mini Viking Ship Ride for Children

Pirate ship ride is a popular attraction in amusement parks, adventure parks, and theme parks. People of all ages can not resist the charm of the thrilling, fun equipment. But as you know, for the safety of passengers, kids who are too young are not allowed to ride on pirate ship. In that case, for park managements, a mini pirate ship ride is worth the investment.

To let children also ride the ship amusement facility, we especially design different types of mini pirate ship amusement rides for young age group. A mini viking boat is a compact version of a large swinging ship ride (24-seat amusement park boat ride / 40-seat pirate ship fair ride). Besides, its decorations are kids’ favorite. The ice and snow themed kiddie viking ship attraction, the jungle-themed kiddie pirate ship pendulum ride, the sea-themed viking ship amusement ride, etc., all have a great charm for young kids.

Is it safe for children to ride the small pirate ship ride?

The safety of kids is the primary concern of parents. It’s also the key to determine whether you can run a brisk business for a long time. As a professional amusement ride manufacturer, how do we protect passengers’ safety? First, we equip the viking boat ride with safety belts and protective fence to keep riders on their seats. Then, for this mini kiddie swinging ship ride, it’s total swing angle is 60°, safe and exciting for children. Parents can also accompany their kids to enjoy the ship ride.

To sum up, because of the small foot print, a mini pendulum pirate ship ride is suitable for any place. Indoor places such as shopping malls, family entertainment centers, daycare centers, hotels are goo choices. Besides, outdoor places such as parks, playgrounds, carnivals, backyards, resorts, etc., certainly are suitable for a mini ship ride. As long as the ground is plane, a mini boat carnival ride can be placed. What’s more, a mini ship ride is much cheaper than a large pirate ship theme park ride. So if the target group of your business is kids or there is a limited budget, why not consider mini swing boats for sale?

Video of Mini Viking Boat Amusement Ride