Non-electric Rotating Bike Ride

Capacity Area Size Material Applicable Place Customized Service
1 People 6.5*3*5.5m Galvanized Steel Indoor & Outdoor Acceptable

360 Degree Bike Unpowered Entertainment Equipment for Sale
Non Electric Rotating Bike Ride for Carnival

Compared to a non-electric pedal roller coaster that is designed for families with the little ones, a non-electric rotating bike ride is popular with and suitable for old children and adults. The reason for the popularity of a round 360 degree bike amusement ride is that the equipment has a unique design and can give passengers a special experience. In terms of the design, the bike ride has a vertigo loop track, a bicycle and a counterweight. In terms of the experience, passengers ride a bike to drive themselves to rotate along the track around a horizontal axis. Such an experience is fresh for players.

Features of 360 degree spinning flying bike ride

  • The round shape design attracts visitors and stimulates their curiosity.
  • The non electric 360 degrees bike ride is fixed firmly on the ground. Additionally, the bike has safety restraints. Therefore, passengers can be stable on the bike even if they reach to the highest point of the track.
  • We use quality international galvanized steel to make the track. The steel is strong and firm. Therefore, our non electric 360 degrees bike ride has a long service life with good maintenance.
  • A round 360 degree bike amusement ride takes a small area. Besides, it’s easy to install this equipment. So any indoor and outdoor place is suitable for the bike ride, such as a scenic spot, playground, backyard, shopping mall, amusement park, carnival, square, farm, park, etc.

FAQ about Non-electric 360 Degrees Bike Ride

  • Q: Can you transport the goods to Malaysia?

A: Certainly! We have sold our non-electric rotating bike ride to many Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, etc.

  • Q: How do you transport the bike ride to my country?

A: Usually by sea. We will deliver it to the port nearest to your location. But if needed, we can transport the goods according to your requirement.

  • Q: What is the freight?

A: The transportation cost depends on many factors, such as the distance, goods volume, etc. You can tell us where you are and how many bike rides you prepare to order, so that we can estimate the shipping cost for you.