Pirate ship amusement ride is a common attraction at amusement parks, theme parks, entertainment centers and other public amusement places. It is one of the most popular amusement equipment with the public. People also call it viking ship ride, swinging ship ride, rocking ship, bounty ride, Pharaoh’s fury ride, etc. As a specialist amusement ride manufacturer and supplier, we offer different sizes and styles of pirate ship rides at factory price to meet different venues’ needs. Here are details on Dinis pirate ship ride for sale for your reference.

Suitable Place

Transform Your Venue into an Adventure Island with Amusement Rides Pirate Ship for Sale!

Are you about to start an amusement business or do you want to add additional equipment to your business? If so, consider investing in a cost-effective pirate ship ride, which both appeals to tourists and adds fun to the venue. There is no doubt that the viking ride can bring you a considerable income. Then, what kind of places are suitable for placing a fun amusement pirate ship attraction?

Actually, selecting the ideal location for a pirate ship ride for sale involves careful consideration of the target audience, the thematic alignment of the venue, and venue conditions. Different types of locations can cater to various sizes and styles of pirate ship attractions, from large, permanent installations to smaller, portable versions. Here’s a summary of recommendations based on the type of venue for your reference.

  • Large, themed bounty amusement rides are great for amusement parks, theme parks, water parks and coastal areas.
  • Shopping malls and family entertainment centers can house medium to small swinging ship rides for family fun.
  • Historical sites can also offer educational opportunities with themed ships.
  • Besides, resorts and hotels use small to medium ships such as 24-seat thrilling pirate ship swing ride to entertain guests.
  • Furthermore, carnivals, parties and seasonal events are ideal for mini ride on pirate ship or portable pendulum ship rides, provide carnival goers or fairgoers with accessible thrills.

In short, pirate ship rides fit various locations indoors and outdoors. Each location enhances the ride experience based on the viking ship amusement equipment’s size and theme, appealing to different audience.

Different Sizes

Anchor Your Success: Diverse Sizes of Pirate Ship Rides for Every Venue!

As mentioned above, various venues and events are fit for different sizes of pirate ship boat ride. Dinis is a manufacturer offering a wide variety of amusement rides for sale. Whether you’re looking to captivate young adventurers or thrill-seeking adults, we have the perfect size to anchor your success. So how many sizes and capacities of pirate ship ride for sale do we have for your selection?

8-12 mini pirate ship for kids and small business

Mechanical mini-version boat swing ride is perfect for kids and small businesses. This compact ride offers a moderate thrill experience, making it the optimal choice for children. Additionally, with a 6 meters length, 4 meters width and 3.5 meters height, a mini pirate ship for sale is ideal for family entertainment centers, shopping malls, and small amusement parks. It’s a fantastic way to add excitement and attract families.

8-12 Seats Mini Pirate Ship Amusement Attractions for Children
Hot-selling 24 Seats Rocking Ship Ride for Amusement Park

16-24 medium size rocking pirate ship ride

Both a 16-seat viking ship amusement ride and a 24-seat mechanical swinging pirate ship are medium size equipment. This model is perfect for those investors looking to provide tourists a bit more of a thrill without occupying too much space. Great for amusement parks, water parks, and larger family entertainment centers, medium size pirate ship ride for sale strikes the perfect balance between excitement and accessibility.

32-40 large pirate ship swing equipment for park

A ship swing ride that can accommodate more than 32 people belongs to a large amusement equipment. It is designed to deliver maximum excitement and draw crows. If your venue is big enough, so is your budget, our 40-seat large pharaoh boat ride can be the best choice. It has a big capacity, which means the machine will bring you much more income daily than a small one. Additionally, the ship ride is 16.6 meters long, 7 meters wide and 15 meters high. Such a gorgeous and grand appearance impresses park-goers and will be the anchor attraction of the park.

No matter the size of your venue or the audience you aim to please, Dinis has pirate ship rides for sale that will perfectly complement your space and entertainment offerings. Also we can customize the passenger capacity as your needs. Let us help you set sail towards success by choosing the right size and capacity for your needs. Anchor your success with Dinis today!

Factory Price

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Quality Pirate Swing Ride?


Mini pirate ship


Huge Viking Ship

  • The cost of purchasing a high-quality pirate ship ride for sale can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size of the ride, its capacity, the complexity of its design, the quality of materials used, and the specific features it includes. As for Dinis pirate ship amusement park ride, its daily price can range from as low as $3,500 (USD) to as high as $70,000 (USD).

  • However, it’s not the final price. When considering the purchase of a pirate boat ride for sale, it’s essential to factor in additional costs beyond the initial purchase price. These can include shipping, installation, regular maintenance, and potential customization to fit your venue’s theme. Though it costs more finally, getting a high-quality ride not only ensures the safety of your guests but also enhances the overall appeal of your venue. It potentially leads to a quicker return on investment.

  • Also selecting a reputable manufacturer who provides after-sales support and warranties is necessary. It ensures that you receive a product that meets safety standards and can use longer. Dinis can do that! We can also give you attractive discounts to achieve win-win cooperation. Warmly welcome to contact us for the latest free quote!


What Style of Pirate Ship Amusement Ride Are You Looking for?

Apart from various sizes of these ship carnival rides for selection, Dinis amusement ride manufacturer also offers different styles of pirate ships, such as cartoon designs of ice, jungle, candy theme viking ship rides for kiddies, and classic dragon, pirate theme rides for adults. Which one can shoot your patrons’ heart?

In short, it’s necessary to anchor your amusement park with a ride that resonates with your visitors. Pirate ship amusement ride could be a good choice! It is a hit with park-goers of all ages. If your park’s target audience are the little ones, choose a cartoon-themed mini boat amusement park ride. While if you want your park attract adults and older children alike, then opt for the classic-style viking ship theme park ride.


Satisfactory Custom Pirate Ship Amusement Ride Design and Manufacturing Services

When it comes to creating an engaging and memorable attraction for your amusement park or entertainment venue, a custom pirate swing ride can be a stunning centerpiece. Our design and manufacturing services are committed to delivering satisfaction by providing tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. Here’s what we offer.

Whether you need a standard amusement pirate ship or one with a unique seat count, you can get it in Dinis factory. We have a customer who wants a 38-seater large viking ship ride. Then we replace two seats of the 40-seater bounty ride with a decorative treasure chest to accommodate his request. Therefore, simply share your specific requirements with us and we will adapt our designs to fit your vision.

Colors play a crucial role in the aesthetic appeal of an amusement ride. We offer the chance to alter the color scheme of your pirate ship ride for sale at no additional cost. Just provide us with the specific color codes you desire, and we will ensure your carnival bounty ship stands out with the perfect palette.

Our satisfactory custom services don’t stop there. Beyond seating and colors, we’re open to discussing additional customization options to fulfill your vision. From thematic elements, such as incorporating mythical creatures or historical symbols, to technical modifications, like adjusting the swing amplitude or speed, our team is dedicated to creating a pirate ship that aligns with your amusement park’s ambiance and your guests’ expectations.

Dinis Offers the Best Custom Viking Ship Ride

To begin the journey of crafting your custom vikings ride, contact us with your specifications. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers is ready to turn your vision into a reality, creating an attraction that will delight your visitors for years to come.


In short, Dinis pirate ship ride for sale is worth investing in. To add this fun attraction to your park, take the venue size, equipment size, target groups, and cost into consideration. If you choose Dinis amusement ride manufacturer, you will get not only quality products at factory price, but also best after-sales services and warranties. Feel free to contact us at any time!