Zoo Merry Go Round

Capacity Area Size Height Voltage Power Customized Service
36 12*12m 4m 380V 11KW Acceptable

Zoo Merry Go Round with Different Animals Seats
Vivid Cartoon Animal Carousel Ride for Business

As you know, the seat of a carousel ride for sale is usually in a horse design. But not all merry go round rides are horse carousels. Actually, there are many carousel animals popular with the public. The passenger seats are an important part of a roundabout ride. And various vivid, adorable carousel animals make the carousel amusement ride stand out. In our company, there are various merry go round animals, such as deer, ostrich, hippo, tiger, unicorn, rabbit, turtle, squirrel, elephant, zebra, donkey, etc. additionally, different animals make up of different animal carousel rides. As a result, zoo merry go round is such a type of animal merry go round.

Details on the zoo merry go round

  • Zoo carousel is a large amusement park ride. It is capable of carrying 36 people, just a little less than a double decker merry go round. Correspondingly, this amusement facility occupies a large area. So outdoor places or indoor places with enough space are suitable to place such a large carnival ride. In general, zoos, park, fairs, carnivals, amusement parks, squares, hotels, resorts, theme parks, adventure parks, residential quarters, and the like all are suitable for a zoo carousel ride.
  • The vivid cartoon animal seats are in design of ostrich, donkey, leopard, flamingo, sika deer, rabbit, tiger, horse, and more. Additionally, different carousel animals have different colors. And if needed, we can customize the color scheme of seats to meet your requirements.
  • The zoo merry go round is popular with the public, especially children. Kids may not know the name of the carousel animal. But they will be attracted by the cute, colorful animal seats. Furthermore, children can learn a lot about animals while enjoying the ride.

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