Swing Boat Ride

Type Capacity Area Size Customzied Service Age Group Warranty
Non-electrical 8-12 People 3.5mL*2.5mW*3.7mH Acceptable All People 12 Months

Swing boat ride is also known as unpowered pirate ship ride. Children really love this playground equipment because it looks similar to a mechanical mini swinging ship ride. However, the equipment doesn’t need electricity to operate. Therefore, it greatly reduces the cost of electricity. Besides, due to the low cost and small footprint, a swingboat is a good choice for both personal or commercial use.

How do kids improved themselves by riding a swing boat?

As you know, there is no need of electricity to operate swing boat ride. So how can the hull swing back and forth?

  • On the one hand, parents can push the swing boat. It gives children an exciting experience of surfing in the sea.
  • On the other hand, the power of a child’s movement on the boat can be translated into propulsion.

This innovative design makes the unpowered viking ride highly attractive in amusement parks. Besides, it exercises the child’s physical coordination and teamwork ability. Hence, a dragon boat swing is a good game for kids to play.

Are swing boats for sale must-have for an unpowered paradise?

Yes, of course they are! If you plan to start a business of unpowered amusement park, you should invest in a non-electrical pirate ship ride. Here are five major reasons.

A non-electrical swing boat ride is much cheaper than a mechanical carnival ride. By and large, the equipment’s price varies with its capacities and seat material.

  • As for the capacity, our normal-size boat ride can carry 8-12 people. And we offer customized service if needed. Color, logo, capacity, etc., all are customizable. Feel free to let us know your needs.
  • As for the seats, some are made of steel, some are made of plastics, and some have comfortable cushions.

To sum up, the price of an unpowered boat ride ranges from $1,000-$3,000 for reference only. Additionally, now we have promotion activities for Spring Festival. There’s a big discount! Don’t miss the chance. Tell us your needs and we make the latest free offer for you.

By imitating the popular thrilling pirate ship amusement ride and spraying bright and colorful paint, our non-electrical pirate ship pendulum ride is attractive for children.  And there is no doubt that the equipment will be an internet celebrity project and can help your park increase traffic.

The operation of our swing boat for sale does not need electricity. Hence, you don’t worry about the electrical safety. Whether it’s snowy, windy, or rainy, your play area can be open to the public. It means the swingboat can create benefits all year round.

Because of the simple structure and small size, the unpowered swinging pirate ship ride is low-maintenance. So this unpowered amusement equipment is a good choice for novice investors.

As an unpowerd amusement equipment, the swing boat ride features high interactivity. Kids who ride the boat with their friends can have a strong sense of participation. It could be a special experience for them.


Why is it a good choice for your yard?

Are you looking for backyard rides for sale for your kids? If so, why not consider a swing boat kiddie ride? The equipment is not only suitable for playgrounds, parks, but also suitable for yards. In spare time, you can play with the game with your kids. It can enhance communication between you and your children. Furthermore, for kids, spending time on this interactive game can be a better choice than watching TV or playing mobile phone, isn’t it?

In addition to the unpowered child’s pirate ship, our company also offer a wide variety of non-electrical amusement equipment. Unpowered pendulum ride, human roller coaster, bounce cloud, swings, rainbow slide, etc., are there any products you like? Welcome to contact us to know the details of our products.

Video of Unpowered Pirate Ship Ride