36 Seats Flying Chair

Equipment Height Running Height Seat Swing Speed Rotary Diameter Equipment Using Life Customized Service
9.1m 5.2m 9.7rpm 10.1m 15 Years Acceptable

Amusement park swing ride is a must-have at an amusement park, theme park, carnival, fair, park, and other entertainment places. It is also known as a chair carousel, swing carousel, swinger, yo-you ride, flying chair ride, etc. With a colorful design and suspended chair-shape cabins, a swing ride is attractive for people of all ages. To give visitors and investors more choices, our factory has designed and produces different designs and capacities of swing rides for sale, such as a 36 seats flying chair, 24 seat swing carousel for sale, watermelon carnival swing ride for sale, giraffe chair carousel, etc. The following are details on the 36-seat large swing ride for your reference.

Cost-effective commercial 36 seats chair carousel

Compared with a kiddie fruit chair swing ride, a 36-seater big swing ride occupies a larger area and is capable of carrying more people. You can also call it a wave swinger or a waver swinger. More importantly, this giant swing ride has a much more thrilling and complicated movement. It can not only rotate around the central axis at a variable angle, but also lift passengers at a certain height. Besides, it’s notable that the lifting height of this swing amusement ride is not as tall as that of a tower swing park ride. So this wave swinger ride is thrilling but family-friendly.

Owing to the rising, spinning and tilting, passengers riding a wave swinger carnival ride can get a memorable experience. They laugh and scream, which entices more visitors to have a try. As a result, you won’t worry about the foot traffic of your business. Furthermore, because of the large capacity of a 36 seats flying chair ride, the anchor attraction can carry a large number of people at once. It means the equipment can bring you more benefits than a kiddie chain carousel for sale under the same condition. It also means you can break even on your investment cost in a short period of time. By the way, our giant swing ride has a long using life, around 15 years. Don’t you want one set to earn money by it? Contact us!

Video of Large Wave Swinger