Unpowered Pendulum Ride

Capacity Equipment Size Customized Service Feature Application Warranty
4 Seats 4.5mL*3.5mW*3.3mH Acceptable Without power Indoor & Outdoor 12 Months

Non-electric Frisbee Playground Equipment for Children
Non-electric Amusement Park Rides Unpowered Pendulum Ride

Unpowered pendulum ride is a type of non-electrical playground equipment. This equipment, together with a non-electrical swing boat ride, imitate those popular amusement park mechanical rides, Frisbee ride and pirate ship ride.

As you know, young children may not be allowed to ride a large pendulum amusement park thrilling ride. In that case, they can choose mini-version Frisbee rides. This unpowered swinging pendulum ride is such a compact-version of an extreme Frisbee ride. But it features no electric power. Therefore, this playground equipment has no electricity cost, which means saving you a lot of money.

How do children enjoy themselves riding the unpowered pendulum ride?

Without electricity, how could a non-electric hammer fair ride operate? There are two ways to let the equipment move.

  • On the one hand, parents can push the pendulum amusement ride. And children sitting in a round gondola will rotate themselves as well as swing back and forth.
  • On the other hand, any power of a child’s movement on the pendulum can be translated into propulsion.

To sum up, in addition to unpowered pendulum rides, any non-electric amusement park ride features high interactivity. It not only exercises children’s physical coordination, but also enhances their team work ability.

FAQ about non-electrical pendulum rides

A: The price of a set of unpowered mini pendulum mainly depends on its capacity, decorations and seat material. Some seats are made of plastics, some are FRP, some are steel, and some are wood. Generally speaking, the price of a piece of non-electric pendulum amusement park ride ranges from $1,000-$1,500. Contact us for the latest price.

A: Yes! We can customize the size, capacity, color, logo, etc. Feel free to let us know your needs.

A: Our unpowered swinging pendulum ride is simple in structure, so its installation is easy. We will give you installation manual. Don’t worry about that. You simply use expansion screws to connect components of the equipment and fix the ride to the ground.

A: Yes, of course it is! Children would love to go to school if their school had a non-electric amusement equipment like this. Additionally, a kid outdoor playground equipment is also a good choice for school and backyard.

Video of Non-electric Pendulum Ride