Scenic Spot Fun Rainbow Slide for Families

Rainbow slide is a family-friendly non-electrical entertainment equipment. You can also call it rainbow dry snow slide. This popular slide is worth the investment. And people who added a rainbow dry snow slide to their park have made a lot of money. As a professional amusement ride manufacturer with more than twenty years of experience, we have done many deals with customers from all over the world who are interested in rainbow slide for sale. Furthermore, we find that Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Philippines have a great demand for the slide. The following are some of the issues that our customers from Indonesia are more concerned about, for your reference. Hope our cases of rainbow slide in Indonesia can help you.

Suitable Places to Install a Wave Rainbow Dry Snow Slope Slide

As you know, a dry ski snow slide is built on a certain slope. Then, is rainbow slide an outdoor amusement equipment? Yes, it is. But it is also suitable for indoor use if the space and height of the venue allows for a slide. You can tell us your plan and business venue. So we can give you professional advice.

How to Install a Rainbow Dry Snow Tubing Slope

On-site Installation Help for Dry Ski Snow Slide

A complete rainbow slides playground project has a complicated procedure. It includes site survey, scheme design, buffer zone design, site cleaning, ramp hardening, and slide laying. But actually if you choose a reliable manufacturer, it will not be difficult to build a rainbow dry snow slide for amusement park. We help you make an area plan and design. Besides, our rainbow sliders are uniform in size, which makes it easy to assemble them together. You can find a local construction team to help you build rainbow slides. And we will send you the installation constructions and videos to help you with the installation. Also if needed, we can send an engineer to your location. Don’ t worry about the installation, we have done many deals with Indonesian clients and their brisk businesses are popular with visitors all over the world.

Do You Need a Cushion Recycling Device?

A cushion recycling device of rainbow dry tubing slopes can automatically transport the rainbow slide dry ski mat from the terminal of the slide to the initial position. This device is convenient for management and can save players’ energy. But you should pay extra money for one set. So if your rainbow slide is not too long, we don’t recommend you to buy it. Our mat is light so players even children can pull it to the initial point by themselves. Additionally, it’s a good way for players to exercise themselves. To sum up, whether or not to buy a recycling device depends on your budget and the length of a dry ski rainbow snow slip slide.

Is the information of rainbow slide in Indonesia above helpful for you? Want to know more cases concerning our rainbow slides? Feel free to contact us to get more details at any time.