23 Seats Giant Frisbee Ride

Equipment Height Running Height Rotary Speed One-side Swing Angle  Material Using Life
10.6m 15.9m 7.1r/min 110° Steel+FRP 13 Years

Extreme Thrill Amusement Park Giant Frisbee Ride
Giant Hammer Roller Coaster in Entertainment Park

A 23 seats giant Frisbee ride is our company‘s large carnival ride that is popular with the public. It is suitable for outdoor venues, such as amusement parks, parks, theme parks, adventure parks, playgrounds, scenic spots, resorts, squares, etc. Additionally, because of the large size of a big Frisbee, it means that the mechanical ride will not be torn down easily and at will once it is installed in these places. And if your park has a large xtreme Frisbee ride, there is no doubt that this facility will be the anchor attraction in the park. Additionally, a large number of tourists, especially older children, young people, adults and thrill-seekers will become your park-goers.

Main structure of the Frisbee ride

Although a 23 seats giant Frisbee ride is a large amusement attraction, its structure is not complex. There is a suspended pendulum between two support frames. At the bottom end of the pendulum there is a circular gondola. And riders sit on the edge of the gondola, facing outwards. As the hammer ride is in operation, the gondola rotates itself. At the same time, the pendulum swings back and forth at an increasing swing angle, just like a real pendulum.

Safety devices to protect passengers’ safety

How to keep passengers safe during the ride experience is the top concern of the public. Please rest assured that our amusement facility is safe for riders. For this giant pendulum ride for sale, each seat has dual security protection, a hydraulic shoulder type safety bar and a safety belt. With the protection of the devices, people can enjoy their adrenaline pumping in a very safe circumstance. They can feel as if they are flying to the air like a bird. In addition, the complex sensation composed of weightlessness, and dizziness leaves a memorable impression on visitors.

Video of Big Pendulum Amusement Rides