Crown Trackless Train

Capacity Size Cabin Running Speed Warranty Customized Service
16 People 12.5*1.5*2.1m 4 10km/h 1 Year Acceptable

Crown trackless train and vintage train ride are two popular train types. Adults prefer the vintage train, and children prefer the crown train. As for the crown amusement trackless train, it has a beautiful cartoon design and a bright color scheme, which is attractive for kids.

In terms of the appearance, there is a cartoon royal soldier standing in the front of the train and a golden FRP crown decoration on the top of the driver control room. Furthermore, the cornice of the crown train cabin is in crown-style, different from other amusement park train rides. In terms of the color scheme, the train is red and black, simple but eye-catching.

Besides, a crown amusement train ride for sale contains a locomotive and four normal cabins. Each cabin can carry four people. We can also increase or reduce the cabin if needed. Last but not least, LED lights are evenly distributed on the train. At night, the lights flash, making the train a moving attraction.

Details of a crown trackless train

  • Smoke simulation system: There is a chimney at the top of the locomotive, from which non-polluting smoke rises. Hence, the chimney makes the train amusement ride more like a real train, rather than a kiddie cartoon train ride like an elephant kiddie train or an ocean theme train.
  • Driver control room: It’s easy to drive this small size trackless crown train by a non-skid steering wheel. Simply imagine that you are driving a car. Additionally, you can know the speed of the train by the display.
  • A set of our electric trackless train ride contains 5 pieces of free-maintenance batteries, better than water batteries.
  • Our crown trackless train ride is also equipped with a MP3 music box control. Insert SD card and adjust the volume. Then visitors can have a better experience with beautiful music.