Penguin Spinning Car

Area Size Track Height Voltage Power Capacity Volume
22*10m 2m 380V 30KW 16 Passenger(customized) 40HQ

Penguin spinning car is a rail amusement facility in our company. It is a kiddie ride, and more moderate than a wacky worm coaster. So even babies can enjoy the equipment if they are with their parents.

Details of the family-friendly penguin roller coaster

The rail structure of a penguin pulley roller coaster is made up seamless welded national standard Q235 steel, which is strong and firm. Besides, we spray environmental protection professional automobile paint on the FRP cabins. In additional to the feature of high quality, the cabins have a gorgeous appearance. They are in the design of penguins, adorable and attractive for children. Generally, a set of a penguin pulley roller coaster can includes 3/4/5 separate spinning cars. Each car is divided into two halves. And each half of the car can accommodate two people, which improves the utilization rate of the seats without affecting riding experience of passengers. Additionally, if needed, we can add more cars to the track according to your requirements.

Penguin spinning car has a unique movement

Penguin coaster has an advanced interchange loop track. From an overhead view, the track is in a shape of “8”. In addition, the track is fluctuating. So riders sometimes spirals up, sometimes dives into the ground, and sometimes make sharp turns, which is funny and thrilling. Moreover, the unique point of a penguin roller coaster is that the cars can rotate themselves while sliding along the track. Therefore, back-to-back passengers can enjoy their surrounding scenery in a 360-degree view.

How to make your penguin coaster more attractive?

Do you want your penguin coaster attract more kiddies? Here is a suggestion for your reference. You can put some decorations in the empty space in the middle of the loop track, such as artificial iceberg. These decorations can not only give passengers a experience of being in the South Pole, but also make the penguin amusement attraction highly ornamental. By the way, there are many colorful LED lights on the chassis of the penguin car. At night, the coaster looks extremely bright and beautiful. Contact us to learn more about the product.