Cinderella Horse Drawn Carriage for Sale

Type Size Seat Capacity Tire Customized service
Electric/Horse 4.4mL*1.5mW*2.3mH Leather 4-6People Solid rubber/Inflatable Acceptable

At present times, a Cinderella horse drawn carriage for sale is a kind of modern transportation vehicle. It combines the pumpkin carriage in the story of Cinderella and royal wedding carriage. Compared to other sightseeing tools, such as sightseeing train ride in amusement park, golf cart in golf course, and sightseeing car in scenic spot, a horse drawn carriage ride is more gorgeous and has a royal sense. But at the same time, it carries less passengers than other car amusement rides. Here are details on the royal wagon for your reference.

Does a Horse Drawn Wedding Carriage Really Need a Real Horse?

As you know, a royal carriage in old times truly requires a horse. But as a modern sightseeing vehicle that is fit for park, farmland, carnival, fair, and other outdoor places, it is not realistic to find a horse for a carriage. To meet customer’s needs, we design two types of Cinderella horse drawn carriage for sale, the electric horseless carriage and the traditional royal horse and carriage.

  • The former one is most people’s choice because the electric horse carriage for sale is more convenient. It does not require a horse. Additionally, power origin of the modern horseless is rechargeable batteries. So the wagon is also environmental-friendly.
  • The latter one is favored by farm owners, carriage operators, film studios, Equestrian enthusiasts, personal collectors, and theme park owners. If you prefer a royal horse carriage, you need pay attention to the following two points. First, you should have horses. Second, you should find people who master driving techniques. The driver should control the direction and the speed of the horse.

In short, Cinderella horse drawn carriage for sale is suitable for many venues and occasions. There is no doubt that the gorgeous design of the carriage is attractive for people of all ages. By the way, there are a wide variety of carriages for sale available in our company. Contact us to get more info on the product!

Video of Royal Carriages for Sale