Techno Jump Ride

Capacity Arms Voltage Power Diameter Warranty
36Persons 12 380V 90KW 15m 12Months

Techno Jump Thrill Ride Made by Amusement Ride Manufacturer
Customized FRP Cockpits of Outdoor Crazy Jump & Smile

A techno jump ride is also known as jump and smile. This kind of jumping machine ride does the same movement as a bouncing kangaroo ride. But the movement intensity of the two rides is different. By comparison, a kangaroo jump ride is family-friendly, while a techno jump is suitable for young people and adults who pursue thrill and excitement. Besides, a jump & smile has a bigger capacity of carrying 36 people and it occupies a larger area. So, this mega bounce ride is a better choice for places with a heavy foot traffic. The following are more info on this jumping machine for sale for your reference.

Memorable experience of riding a techno jump

Do you know how a jump and smile ride makes riders feel excited? Actually it depends on the structure of the equipment. Twelve radial arms, each of which contains three passenger cabins, are attached to the central bracket. The bracket can rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. Therefore, passengers may get dizzy riding a jump n smile. In addition, under each arm there is a cylinder. It is an important component of the machine. The inflation and deflation of a cylinder creates the up and down jump of a radial arm. Under all cylinders’ work, sometimes the arms bounce together, sometimes they jump one by one, forming a rippling jump. With a combination of rotating and up-and-down bounce, players will get a strong jolt and get dizzy. Hence, it will certainly be an unforgettable experience for them.

Attractive decorations of a mega bounce ride

  • There is a FRP decoration on the top of the center bracket. And we design several types, including a clown hat design, castle design, frog design, and so on. Which one do you want? Contact us to get a quote.
  • Around the base of the center bracket there is a ring of FRP decoration. You can see beautiful stickers on the decoration. You can also tell us your favored pattern. So that we can change the sticker as your requirement.
  • Our company decorates a jump ride with lots of LED lights. They are evenly distributed on the decorations, cabins, and radial arms. At night, the techno bounce attraction looks pretty gorgeous and amazing.

What’s the techno jump ride height?

Techno jump ride, also known as mega machine, is a large-size thrilling ride. So it is fit for spacious space. Before making up your mind to buy this large carnival ride from our company, you may be concerned about the height of jump n smile and how high the machine can lift the passengers. Here is the specification for your reference.

  • As for our 36-seat jump smile fair ride, its height is 5.5m (18 feet). So if you want to install it indoors, make sure there are no height restrictions on the site. Or if needed, we can remove the top trim of techno jump attraction, which will lower the equipment height.

  • Furthermore, the gondola can lift passengers 5.35 meters (17.5 feet) above the ground, nearly two stories high. As the gondolas bounce up and down, passengers will get a very exciting experience.

Where to install a mega bounce ride?

The diameter of this mage jump ride is 14 meters (46 feet). After adding fences, this machine covers an area of 16 meters (52.5 feet) in diameter. Now you know both the footprint and device height of this equipment. It determines whether the attraction is suitable for the venue.

Actually, a mega bounce ride is fit for both outdoor and indoor places, such as outdoor amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, theme parks, resorts, squares, playgrounds, and indoor entertainment centers, shopping malls, etc. But for a better ride experience, we recommend that you install this amusement attraction outdoors, especially those with a high foot traffic. During the day, the jump & smile with a big capacity can bring you a bigger income, compared to other amusement rides with a small capacity. While in the evening, the colorful LED lights covering on the shell of the jumping machine will shine. It makes more visitors patronize your business.

Video of Techno Jump Ride