Family Roller Coaster

Capacity Area Size Track Length Running Height Voltage Power Customized Service
16People 47*30m 290m 11m 380V 93KW Acceptable

Large Family Roller Coaster for Sale for Theme Park and Other Outdoor Public Places
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A family roller coaster is a medium-sized roller coaster. It has a more complicated layout than kiddie roller coasters such as dragon coaster ride, worm roller coaster, and rotating pulley penguin coaster ride. So it is larger in size and more exciting for passengers. But the track of a roller coaster for family does not have more thrilling elements like reversals, compared with a mouse coaster ride. As a result, people of all ages can ride the family coaster and enjoy the exciting moment.

The design of the track is a complete loop. The roller coaster train climbs, turns, and slides along the track. The train has eight cabins. Each of them can hold two people. In addition, these cabins are linked together with hooks. So the coaster train looks like a real high-speed train and runs as fast as it. But meanwhile, a family roller coaster is much more exciting than a real-life train.

Vivid design attracting family to ride a roller coaster

Our family roller coasters have different designs of the trains. The two popular designs are snake and frog.

  • As for the snake family roller coaster, the front cabin is designed as a snake head with red eyes and long sticking out tongue. The following cabins make up of the snake tail. As the train moves, it seems like a snake gliding at a great speed. As a result, for visitors, the thrill amusement attraction in the color of brown is mysterious for them and entices them to have a try.
  • As for the frog family coaster, each cabin looks like a frog lying on its stomach. Furthermore, the wheels of the train look like the frog feet. Such vivid design attract people of all ages.

By the way, we can also customize the track size and length according to the venue. And if needed, the cabin quantity is possible to increase or decrease. In addition, we can customize the color scheme to match the theme of your park. So feel free to contact us at any time. This roller coaster will be the perfect anchor attraction for any park’s family area. Choose our company and we will not let you down.

Video of Family Coaster for Sale