Indoor Jungle Gym Playground

Age Group Size Customized Service Material Equipment
3-14 Year Old 10*15m Accepetable LLDPE+Galvanized Steel Tube+etc. Ball pit, trampoline, slide, etc.

Large Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment for Entertainment Center
Jungle Theme Indoor Soft Playground for Children of 3 to 14 Year Old

Indoor playground, also known as soft playground or naughty castle, is usually designed for 3-14 years old. To meet different needs of customers, we have designed various types and sizes of soft playground equipment in different themes. And an indoor jungle gym playground and an under the sea soft play equipment are 2 of the most popular soft playground themes among children. In addition to children indoor playground, we also have indoor playground for adults. The following are the details on the jungle-themed indoor playground for your reference.

Description of jungle gym indoor playground

Children are curious about anything, not to mention a mysterious jungle forest. The jungle soft playground can provide kids with a safe environment to explore the nature, exercise their fitness, hone their perseverance, and improve their ability to solve problems. From the name, you realize the major colors of the whole equipment are green and brown. To give children a simulated experience of field survival, our jungle gym naught castle contains kinds of interesting and challenging equipment, such as spiral tubes, cable bridges, climbing boards, slides, punching bags, etc. If adults want to be there to encourage their kids, we can make the kiddie indoor playground suitable for both children and adults.

What About the Indoor Playground Price?

As for the indoor playground price, it depends on the type and size of a whole set of naught castle. Additionally, if you need customization, the price depends on your site area and the equipment you choose. Therefore, feel free to contact us and let us know your budget and how large a soft indoor playground you need. We will give you professional and satisfying advice.

To sum up, the indoor jungle gym playground is a cost-effective investment. If you want to start an indoor business, consider this non-electrical entertainment equipment! It will bring you considerable benefits. And if you want a set for your kids and place it in your home, certainly it’s feasible. We have done many deals with customers who wanted a customized indoor playground for home. So feel free to contact us!