Pharaoh Roller Coaster

Capacity Area Size Track Height Voltage Power Customzied Service
18People 24*12m 2.5m 380V 5KW Acceptable

Pharaoh Small Coaster Rail Amusement Attraction for Families
Pharaoh Roller Coaster Kiddie Rail Amusement Ride

As you know, Pharaoh’s Fury is a pirate ship ride that is popular with the public. But do you know there is also a type of roller coaster that is in the design of pharaoh? To give visitors a unique experience, we design a new type roller coaster, pharaoh roller coaster. The same as a worm coaster and a dragon coaster ride, it is also a small roller coaster that is family-friendly and especially popular with the little ones. Additionally. due to the size of a pharaoh coaster attraction, this equipment can be installed at both indoor and outdoor venues. Amusement parks, playgrounds, carnivals, fairs, backyards, farms, scenic spots, resorts, theme parks, shopping malls, indoor adventure parks, and the like all are good places to install a pharaoh coaster ride. Here are the details on the thrill kiddie ride for your reference.

Details of pharaoh coaster ride for sale


Generally, a set of pharaoh coaster for sale includes 4 carriages. Each carriage can accommodate 4 people. But if needed, we can decrease or increase carriages to meet your requirements. So feel free to let us know your needs.


Literally, a pharaoh roller coaster is in the design of a pharaoh. The carriages are mainly gold and black. This kind of color scheme makes the pharaoh coaster attraction mysterious and majestic. More importantly, the locomotive of the roller coaster is equipped with a Sphinx decoration. Hence, these vivid decorations make passengers feel as if they are traveling in Egypt.


The whole pharaoh coaster equipment covers an area of 24*12 meters. And its track height is no more than 2.5m. Besides, the speed of the ride is between 8-13km/h, which is even lower than a diesel sightseeing trackless train. So parents can rest assured that their kids will enjoy the machine in a very safe environment. Additionally, we can make the track into several shapes, such as a circular interchange, a single loop, a double loop, etc. Certainly our company can also customize the track shape and size according to your needs. Feel free to send inquiry to us.