Human Powered Pedal Roller Coaster

Passenger Customzied Service Area Size Material Warranty
1 People Acceptable 14mL*4mW*1.82mH Steel 1 Year

Human powered pedal roller coaster falls into the category of unpowered entertainment equipment. By comparison, children can freely play in the soft indoor playground, which is also a type of non electric amusement equipment. But as for a pedal roller coaster, if kids want to experience it, they need help from their parents. So this kind of equipment is similar to no-power slide rail. The following are the details on the product for your reference.

How do parents help their kids experience the fun of a pedal roller coaster?

A human powered pedal roller coaster contains a loop of steel choppy track, a one-person wooden cabin, a bike, and a chain transmission. Kids sitting in the cabin, and parents need ride the bike to drive the chain transmission to power the cabin to climb along the track. As the cabin climbs to the top point, it will slide along the track and parents don’t have to ride the bike anymore. In other words, the cabin obtains gravitational potential energy, which later provides kinetic energy for the cabin to slide along the track. Additionally, the choppy track has turns and tilts. Therefore, kids in the cabin can experience the thrill, speed and joy.

Features of pedal-powered backyard roller coaster

  • Interactivity: The operation of a non-electrical pedal roller coaster depends on riders’ parents. It means the equipment has certain parent-child interaction. So it can enhance the relationship between parents and children. Other non-motorized amusement rides such as non-powered boat ride, electricity-free pendulum ride are also interactive entertainment equipment.

  • Versatility: The usual size of a pedal yard roller coaster is 14 meters long and 4 meters wide. It is not large. So this coaster has a wide usage. You can place this unpowered home roller coaster in your backyard. Also you can install the equipment in family entertainment centers, children’s amusement parks, scenic spots, playgrounds, parks, scenic spots, squares, shopping malls, etc.

  • Affordable: This backyard coaster features small investment, high profit, and easy maintenance. Don’t you want such as cost-effective investment? Contact us!
  • Safety: The cabin is equipped with a safety belt to keep children safe. Additionally, kids can hold on to the front handrail to keep their body stable.

Our company offers customized service. We can change the color and size of track according to your needs. Feel free to contact us and let us know your needs.

Videos of pedal roller coaster