Swing Tower

Capacity Area Size Height Running Height Seat Swing Maximum Angle Equipment Using Life
36 Seats 25*25 m 43.1 m 28.8 m 59.7 ° 12 Years

Swing tower, a giant amusement park thrill ride, is suitable for outdoor use. Young people, adults and thrill-seekers extremely love this adrenaline amusement facility. So a sky flyer ride is a must-have at a comprehensive amusement park. Moreover, due to the height of this amusement facility, it can be a landmark of a park or even a city.

Main structures and movements of a swing tower ride

The main structures of a swing tower generally consists of several pairs of two-person swing-chair seats and a central tower. The seat is pulled by steel wire ropes and hung on the edge of a big rotating turntable. And the turntable is mounted on the central tower. Although a tower swing ride looks similar to a chain carousel ride, the former is much more exciting than the latter.

Due to the turntable, passengers can rise and descend and at the same time rotate around a vertical center axis. When the turntable reaches the top of the tower and then continuously rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, passengers can feel the endless fun of centrifugal force and overlook the beautiful scenery.

Emergency braking system and protective devices

“Safety first” is our first consideration when designing a flying tower adrenaline amusement ride. We have rigorously test and inspect the equipment to ensure its strength and stability. Also, we equip the tower ride with swings and drop with dual protective devices, a safety bar and a safety belt. In addition, there is an emergency braking system in order to be able to stop the machine quickly if required.

Split-structure for convenient delivery and easy installation

With full consideration for the actual needs of transportation and installation, our tower swing ride adopts a split structure. After you receive the goods, assemble the components together based on the installation videos and drawings we send you. Any problem you encounter with our product, feel free to contact us at any time. Our company can also send an engineer to your location to help with the installation if needed.

Video of Sky Flyer