40 Seats Large Viking Ship Ride

Area Size Running Height Swing Angle Running Speed Using Life Customized Service
18*9m 11.7m 120° 11.3m/s 12 Years Acceptable

Thrill Large Viking Ship Ride for Amusement Park
Beautiful Carnival Thrill Attraction Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

A 40 seats large viking ship ride is a large amusement park ride. So it is suitable for outdoor places, such as amusement parks, adventure parks, theme parks, resorts, scenic spots, farms, etc. If you are about to run a business in these places, this large carnival ride can be a good choice. Because no one can resist the attraction’ s charm.

How does a 40 seats big ship ride work?

The hull is suspended on the column and beam through the cantilever. The seats are arranged along the hull frame. Passengers board the ship by the passenger ladder on the platform, sit on the seat and, fasten the safety belt and press the bar to a suitable position. The drive mode of this adrenaline amusement ship ride is friction wheel drive. As the large adrenaline amusement ride starts, periodic friction between the driving parts and the bottom of the hull drives the hull to swing upward.

What’s the price of a pirate ship ride for sale?

Pirate ship price depends on many factors, including the design, size, capacity, etc. For this 40 seats large viking ship ride, it costs more than other sizes of boat rides. But it is capable of carrying many people at a time. Furthermore, the equipment using life is 12 years. It means that you can break even on the investment in a short time. And then, the amusement facility will create considerable benefits within its using life.

How does a large viking ship ride protect the safety of passengers?

Such a huge amusement park thrill ride, is it safe for passengers? Certainly it is! Passengers’ safety is the top concern when a professional amusement ride manufacturer designs and produces any amusement attraction. To keep passengers safe and stable as the equipment is in operation, we equip the boat amusement facility with necessary safety belts. More importantly, each row of seat has a lap bar. So don’t worry, visitors will have a memorable and exciting experience under a safe environment.

Trial Run of 40-seat Viking Ship Ride at Dinis Factory