24 Seats Big Pirate Ship

Area Size Height Speed Capacity Swing Angle Using Life
14*7M 10M 8.3m/s 24People 100° 12Years

24 Seats Large Swinging Ship Ride for Business
Swing Boat Amusement Park Thrilling Ride for Family

How could a fun amusement park not have a pirate ship ride? This thrill ride is one of the most interesting amusement park rides popular with park-goers, especially adults, young people and thrill-seekers. For some people, a swinging ship ride is even more exciting than a roller coaster or a rotary free fall ride. This 24 seats big pirate ship has a large capacity, suitable for outdoor amusement places, such as adventures parks, resorts, theme parks, scenic spots, amusement parks, carnivals, playgrounds, etc.

When the boat ride is in operation, the ship gondola begins to swing slowly at first and then accelerate. Visitors will swing with the equipment from one side to another at a single-side swing angle of 50°. It seems that they are surfing on the water, which is really a memorable and thrill experience for them. Moreover, when the ship gondola reaches its top point, passengers can get a bird’s-eye view of their surrounding. The constant sense of weightlessness makes riders feel excited and want to have a try again.

Custom high-quality 24 seats big pirate ship amusement facility

For a 24 seats big pirate ship, the classic type that is decorated with pirate molds is the most popular design. Not only children, but also adults are curious about the mysterious pirate culture. In addition to this type, we also have dragon-themed rocking boat ride. There are dragon decorations on both ends of the ship ride, making the attraction majestic and grand. And if you have other requirements for the equipment, feel free to let us know. Whether you want to change the ship color or add logo or decorations, ARM company can meet your needs. Actually, we made a deal with an Indonesian customer who asked to change the last row of seat into treasure boxes decorations. Certainly the request was feasible. And finally, our client was satisfied with his customized pirate ship boat ride.

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Video of  Large Pirate Ship Ride