Dopamine Carousel

Capacity Area Size Voltage Power Type Customized Service
16 7mL*7mW*5.7mH 380V 4KW Upper Transmission Acceptable
24 9.3mL*9.3mW*8.3mH 380V 6KW Upper Transmission Acceptable

Dopamine carousel is a new design merry go round ride in our company. Carousel ride, also known as merry go round or roundabout, is a classic amusement ride. It consists of a rotating circular turntable, several seats in designs of horses, other animals, and antique carriages. As the carousel is in operation, the turntable rotates and the seats go up and down with wonderful music. People of all ages cannot resist the charm of horse carousels. So the merry go round for sale is a must-have at many amusement places, such as amusement parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, parks, squares, carnivals, etc.

Recently, our company has designed some new arrivals, including a dopamine carousel, a double-decker carousel for sale, a self-control swan bicycle carnival ride, and more. For a dopamine carousel, it is a combination of classic merry go round and modern fashionable element “dopamine dressing”.

What is “dopamine dressing”?

Dopamine dressing is a hot word on the Internet. It refers to the dressing style that creates a sense of pleasure through clothing matching. The “emotional healing” effect of “dopamine dressing” does not originate from the clothes themselves, but to mobilize positive emotions through colorful fashions. It is a kind of “positive association”. In short, it is “wear happiness on your body”.

By using the dopamine dressing element to amusement attractions, we produce a new design carousel merry go round, upper transmission dopamine horse carousel ride. The color scheme of the whole equipment makes people pleasure. So, it’s the charm of a dopamine carousel merry go round. Besides, we have designed several dopamine color schemes. And you can choose your favorite one. Additionally, this type of carousel ride for sale is available to a capacity of 16/24 people. You can choose the right size carousel according to the installation site and budget.