Large Ferris Wheel

Height Cabin Capacity Area Size Turning Diameter Power Driving Power Voltage Volume
20m 12pcs 48 Passenger 17*14m 17.98m 18kw 6kw 380V 3*40HQ
30m 18pcs 72 Passenger 20*18m 25.6m 20kw 6kw  380V 4*40HQ+20GP
42m 24pcs 96 Passenger 26*23m 38.4m 25kw 16kw  380V 8*40HQ
46m 26pcs 104 Passenger 29*24m 41m 25kw 16kw  380V 8*40HQ
50m 32pcs 128 Passenger 35*32m 44.8m 60kw 17.6kw  380V 11*40HQ
65m 36pcs 216 Passenger 38*32m 59.85m 100kw 26.4kw  380V 18*40HQ
88m 48pcs 288 Passenger 38*44m / / /  380V /

Ferris wheel for sale is a must-have at many amusement places, such as amusement parks, resorts, playground, and theme parks. A giant Ferris wheel can even be a landmark of a city. People of all ages can not resist the charm of the rotating giant wheel. Passenger can get a marvelous and gorgeous bird-eye view of their surroundings, which will be undoubtedly a memorable experience for them. At the same time, it can be a precious time for passengers who enjoy the wheel ride with their lovers, families, or friends to promote the relationship.

Details on the big Ferris wheel

As a professional Ferris wheel manufacturer, we produce big wheel rides in different types (gondola/steel frame) and heights (20m-88m). All of them are equipped with colorful LED lights and sound systems. So at night, the colorful Ferris wheel looks pretty gorgeous and will be the most eye-catching building in your park or city. For visitors, they can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city that is lighted up brightly.

For some huge wheel rides, such as a 88-m large wheel ride, we equip its cabins with air conditioners. Besides, we provide you with satisfied customized service. If you want to add air conditioners to large wheel rides at other heights, of course it’s feasible. Furthermore, we can meet your requirements on the color, logo, lights, etc., So if you have any needs, feel free to let us know.

Where is suitable for wheel ride?

What’s more, giant wheels for sale occupy a huge area. So the best places to install a giant Ferris wheel are outdoor venues, such as amusement parks, theme parks, scenic spots, farms, plazas, hotels, city parks, adventure parks, resort places, etc. You can choose a suitable big wheel ride based on the actual situation of your venue and your budget.

Then, how much does a big wheel ride cost? Is this the topic you focus on the most? As you know, it’s a big project to build a large Ferris wheel. The cost includes the Ferris wheel price, freight cost, expenses of labour, etc. But as long as your wheel ride business starts, there will certainly a heavy foot traffic and considerable revenue. Contact us for a price list for our large carnival wheel rides for sale!

Video of Park Ferris Wheel