Mini Miami Ride

Type Capacity Running Height Voltage Customized Service Warranty
Train design 12 People 1.5 m 380 v Acceptable 1 Year
Classic design 6-12 People Based on seats 380 v Acceptable 1 Year

To allow people of any age to experience the fun miami wave ride, Dinis, a professional amusement ride manufacturer, has designed several types and sizes of miami carnival rides for sale. As for a mini wave up fair attraction, it has two distinguished features. On the one hand, it occupies a smaller area. On the other hand, a mini miami ride for sale is suitable for both adults and children. Here are the details on the product.

Two styles of mini miami trip ride

As you know, a common miami thrill ride, such as a large-scale miami surf ride, only has one gondola with a row of side-by-side seats. While a mini miami ride for sale may has back-to-back gondolas, just like a double-side kiddie Ferris wheel. You can also call it a train type miami. And at our company, you can find both the two types of miami funfair attraction for sale.

Is a miami wave up amusement attraction safe for children?

Yes, of course. As a leading family ride & thrill ride manufacturer, we put the safety of passengers first when we produce a product.

  • A certified amusement ride for sale should have safety measures to protect passengers. As for our miami ride for sale, it has both over-the-shoulder safety harness and seat belts to keep passengers steady in their seats.

  • As for a mini miami fair ride, the passenger gondola won’t reach the height of a super miami. Therefore, the equipment is safe but also thrilling.

Where can you install a mini miami ride?

The height of a small wave up fairground ride is usually under 3.5 meters. Therefore, this small amusement ride is suitable for both indoor and outdoor occasions. Shopping mall, amusement park, backyard, carnival, fair, playground, party, etc., all are possible for the installation of a mini miami carnival ride.

By the way, we also offer our clients customized service. The height, capacity, color, logo, etc., all are customizable. And a trailer-mounted miami is also available at our factory. Feel free to contact us if needed.

Video of  Kiddie Miami Wave Up