Double-decker Carousel

Capacity Type Power Area Size (including fences) Durable Years Customzied Service
38P Portable 11kw 11mL*11mW*11.5mH 12 Years  Acceptable
48P Fixed-installation 8kw 14.5mL*14.5mW*11.5mH 15 Years  Acceptable

Double-decker carousel is an upgraded version of a single decker carousel horse for sale. It looks taller and more luxury. More importantly, carousel ride of this type has a bigger passenger capacity. So, a double-layer merry go round is suitable for indoor or outdoor places which have enough space and do not have a height restriction. If the luxury carrousel is of interested to you, feel free to contact Dinis amusement ride manufacturer. We offer various types and sizes of 2-story carousel for your selection.

Dinis New Design Luxury Carousel for Amusement Park


Different Sizes of Double-deck Carousels for Sale Are Available for Your Choice

We understand that variety is key when selecting the perfect double-decker merry-go-round for your amusement park or family entertainment center. That’s why we’ve designed a diverse lineup to meet your specific needs. Here are four sizes of double-layer carousel ride for your reference.

Our 38-seater double-layer carousel offers a balanced blend of charm and capacity. Each layer can accommodate 19 riders. In other word, there are 34 horses and 2 carriages fixed on the turntables, ensuring that families and friends can enjoy the ride together. And if needed, we can change horses into carriages and vice versa.

Last but not least, Dinis 38-people 2 story carrousel for sale is portable and mobile. The ride is fixed on a mobile chassis, which means the large carousel fair ride can be easily disassembled and installed. Therefore, even at temporary carnivals or fairs, visitors also have the chance to enjoy the fun of the portable carousel.

Step up to our 48-seater deluxe double-decker carousel, where more seats mean more revenue per ride. This grand carousel, complete with its encompassing safety fence, requires a space of 12 meters by 12 meters, standing at a majestic 12 meters tall. It’s an impressive centerpiece that promises to be a crowd-puller with its enhanced capacity and splendid design.

Our 56-seat giant carousel must be the centerpiece attraction in your park! This gorgeous mechanical ride, once installed with its safety fence, spreads out to 13.2 meters by 13.2 meters and reaches up to 12.6 meters in height. It’s a towering symbol of fun that’s designed to dominate the skyline of any amusement park.

Looking for bringing the ultimate carousel experiences to your park-goers? Our 68-seater large double-decker carousel is the king of merry-go-rounds. This expansive ride, inclusive of the safety fence, boasts dimensions of 16 meters in length, 16 meters in width, and a striking height of 14.1 meters. It’s built to impress and engineered to provide unforgettable memories for a large number of guests in each ride cycle.

All our double-deck carousels are crafted with attention to detail and safety, ensuring an enjoyable and secure experience for all riders. Choose the size that best fits your vision, and let us bring the magic of a classic amusement ride to you. Contact us today to find the perfect double-deck carousel for your venue.


Why Should We Design Our Own Double Decker Merry Go Round?

To be honest, our company didn’t sell double carousels before. We only produce a wide variety of single-decker carousel rides with various passenger capacities.

But as a professional and leading amusement ride manufacturer, in addition to provide customized service with our clients (customized Longines merry go round), we should continuously design new-type amusement attractions in accordance with market trends.

Under the constant improvement of our excellent R&D team, many new arrivals designed by ourselves appeared in public, which are well-received by our customers from all over the world.

The latest new arrivals include double-decker carousel, dopamine-style merry go round, self-control swan bicycle ride, panda happy swing ride, DJ tagada ride, Christmas Santa Claus airplane ride, Galaxy self-control plane, etc.

Welcome to reach out to us and get a product list.


Features of Our Double-decker Carousel for Sale

  1. As for the mounts, the horse design seats are European style, vivid and gorgeous. Additionally, the carriages are available to a dreamy style and a fairytale style.
  2. The turntables are solid wood non-slip floor or aluminum pattern plate.
  3. In addition, horse poles and floor hanger rods have an outer sphere of spiral stainless steel bushing.
  4. Last but not least, there are lots of energy-saving LED lights on the royal double decker carousel. Therefore, at night, the attraction looks pretty amazing.
Dinis 2 Story Carousel Horse Ride Details


Customizable Deluxe Double-storey Carrrousel Services Tailored to Your Dream Vision!

  1. We can customize the animal seats and carriages to meet your needs.
  2. Different exterior coating schemes are availabe. Besides, it is customizable.
  3. If you don’t want the landscape board, we can replace it with a glass mirror.
  4. The outer roof material can be customized as stretch fascia.
  5. Additionally, the spiral staircase guardrail is available in an European iron art style.

Ideal Locations

What Is the Ideal Location for a Double-Layer Carousel to Maximize Revenue?

Our double-storey carousel is a marvelous centerpiece, beautiful and gorgeous. Anyone who sees the carousel will love it! We promise that our deluxe carrousel can bring you considerable revenue. To maximize earnings from this double-layer carousel, you should consider placing it in a location that has high foot traffic and visibility, as well as a target demographic that is likely to be interested in such an attraction. Here are some potential venues where a royal double-decker carousel could be successful.

Placing a double-deck carousel in a shopping mall can attract families looking for entertainment options for children while shopping. It can be a good way to keep kids engaged and give parents a break, potentially increasing the time and money they spend at the mall. But you should note that this carousel ride for sale is large and tall. It needs an area of 11 meters long, 11 meters wide and 11 meters high. So ensure the mall has enough space to install the large carousel horse ride.

As a classic attraction, a carousel fits perfectly within amusement parks. Hence, a double-layer carrousel amusement park ride can add a unique appeal due to its size and visual impact, drawing in guests.

Areas with high tourist foot traffic, such as boardwalks, beach fronts, and popular city squares, can be excellent locations for a carousel. Tourists are often looking for experiences and photo opportunities, which a Christmas double decker carousel for sale can provide.

These indoor or outdoor centers focus on providing fun activities for the whole family. A luxury carousel can complement other attractions such as arcade games, VR games, bumper cars track, and go-karts.

Many zoos, museums, and botanical gardens include rides and attractions to enhance the visitor experience. A carousel can fit well within the family-friendly atmosphere of these venues. We also have animal-themed carousel to match the zoo.

Public parks or green spaces with a lot of weekend and holiday foot traffic can be a good spot for a double-storey carousel ride. It can serve as an additional attraction for families enjoying a day out.

In addition to the common venues, a double-decker carousel can be also installed at hotels, resorts, urban entertainment districts, etc., as long as the site is appropriate. However, you should consider some factors if you want to maximize the revenue.

Location selection tips for a grand double-layer carousel

When choosing a location for your double-layer carousel for sale, consider the following factors to help ensure profitability:

The carousel should be easily seen by passersby to attract spontaneous riders.

The location should be easily accessible, with convenient parking and pathways.

Nearby attractions and amenities that target similar demographics can help draw in more visitors.

Ensure that the area is safe and well-maintained to encourage families to visit.

Look for locations where you can effectively market the double-storey carousel to potential riders.

Though our gorgeous royal double decker carousel is profitable. Factor in the cost of leasing space, as high rents in premium locations can cut into profitability.

Check for zoning laws or regulations that may affect your ability to operate a commercial carousel in a given location.

There is no double that a double-decker carousel for sale is worth investing in! What you should do is just choosing a location for the attraction. Before finalizing any location, it’s advisable to conduct market research and feasibility studies to gauge potential foot traffic, competition, and consumer interest in the area.


Test Run Video of Double-decker Carrousel in Dinis Factory